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Retro Trivia


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This one will be a bit shorter.  As I watch a lot of retro TV channels, as well as TCM, I notice many character actors appearing in literally a zillion movies and TV shows from the fifties and sixties.  Here are photos of a few of them.  You know the faces.  Can you name them?

1.  image.jpeg.71b1819ca6d079432d2ccb3d0523da00.jpeg 


2.  image.jpeg.dd6372692c09e5d14ba0790bfad93582.jpeg 


3.  image.jpeg.48ff827803361490696965e771f9eafe.jpeg 


4.   image.jpeg.7b7270f4d6dd89756722573def1699e6.jpeg 


5.   image.jpeg.4a7a6b0ef722dbe1228df5b159829166.jpeg 





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Very good, Ladies.   I don't think that any of these men were ever regulars on a TV series, although Willis Bouchey made quite a few appearances as a judge on "Perry Mason".   I made this one kind of short for a quicker turnaround.  Lavender got three so she gets to post next.

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Fab, gear and CarnabyStreet--how many of you remember the British Invasion and Swingin' London of the 1960s?

Whether you're a mod or a rocker, it should be fun. 

Identify the performer(s) described. Brownie points for one of their hit records. 

Ready, Steady, Go--

1) This singer is nearly forgotten today, but she had a big hit with a song written by Mick and Keith. Today she is known for her acting, as well as her singing.

2) This popular duo road to fame on songs written by a Beatle. 

3) This duo wrote most of their own soft rock, type folk songs, but they did chart with a Rodgers and Hammerstein Broadway tune. 

4) This singer ended up a popular presenter on British TV, but she started out checking hats at the Cavern Club. 

5) This singer had a lot of experience before becoming a British Invasion phenomenon. She appeared in British movies and was a popular recording artist in France before taking America by storm. 

6) This group, which had the good fortune of coming from Liverpool and being managed by Brian Epstein, consisted of four guys--two of which were brothers. 

7) This singer accompanied himself with an acoustic guitar, wrote many of his own folk-pop songs, which were eccentric and philosophical, leading some to compare him to America's Bob Dylan. 

😎Eight) This singer was as famous for her tremendous voice and versatility as she was for her stylish makeup and fashions.

She recorded soul music in Memphis, Bacharach-David covers and was in a successful pop-folk trio before the Invasion. 

9) In the early days of the Invasion, this group of five members, who were associated with a working class district of London, were considered to be rivals to The Beatles--before The Rolling Stones. 

10) This group of four plus one lead singer was in the second wave of the British Invasion and extremely popular with teeny boppers and parents. Their music was light, non-controversial and extremely sweet. They covered a gamut of songs from English Music Hall to Country and Western, and even included doowop and a Sam Cooke hit. Yet all their covers were distinctly soft, mellow and saccharin. The lead singer remains a nostalgia star today.

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1.  Marianne  Faithfull (  As  Tears  Go  By)    4.  Cilla  Black    (  You're  My  World)   6.  Gerry  and  the  Pacemakers  (  How Do You  Do  It)   7.  Donovan  (  Sunshine  Superman)  8.  Dusty Springfield  (  The  Look  of  Love)   9. The  Dave  Clark  Five  (  Glad  All  Over)   Thanks

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7 hours ago, cinemaman said:

1.  Marianne  Faithfull (  As  Tears  Go  By)    4.  Cilla  Black    (  You're  My  World)   6.  Gerry  and  the  Pacemakers  (  How Do You  Do  It)   7.  Donovan  (  Sunshine  Superman)  8.  Dusty Springfield  (  The  Look  of  Love)   9. The  Dave  Clark  Five  (  Glad  All  Over)   Thanks


7 hours ago, MilesArcher said:

2. Peter And Gordon  (A World Without Love)

3.  Chad And Jeremy (If I Loved You)

5.  Petula Clark  (Downtown)

10.  Herman's Hermits  (Wonderful World)



Looks like we're into something good here.

Two prompt and excellent responses.

Miles got 4 right. 

And Cinema gets the thread with 6 right.

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Thanks  Princess  Of  Tap  nest:  Fashion ,  Costume  Designer  and  Model  Quiz.  Please  name  the  model  ,  costume  designer  or  fashion  designer.  Thanks  1.  This  actress  was one  the  top  American  Fashion  model .Revlon  used  her  in  their  advertising  campaign and  she  was  the first   model to make  100,000  per year.  She  was  in  the  motion  picture  Kiss Them For  Me  1957   2.  The  following  Fashion  Designer was  an  true  icon  of  the  French  Fashion  Industry.  The  fashion  designer  made  Audrey  Hepburn  famous  black  dress.  3.  The  Following  Fashion  Designer  was  famous  for  dressing  the  First  Lady  Jacqueline  Kennedy .  In  Hollywood  ,  he dressed  Gene  Tierney  in  many  of  her  films . 4.  He  was  the  main  costume designer  for MGM  Studios  in the thirties  and  forties.  He  was  responsible  for  giving  Joan  Crawford  her  shoulder  pads  look.                      5.  This  French  Costume  Designer  was  famous  designing  the  strapless  back  dress  for  Rita  Hayworth  in the movie  Gilda  1946.                                                                                                        6.  This  actress  was  an  top  French  Fashion model.  In  1960  this  actress  was  in two  movies  Song  Without  End  and  North  To  Alaska.                                                                                            7.  The  following  Costume  Designer ,  has won  eight  Academy  Awards  for  costume design.  She  work  for  Paramount  Pictures  and  designed  Dorothy  Lamour sarong in the picture  The  Jungle  Princess  1936.

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thanks cinemaman!

This one's a little different...I'll list 3 actors who all did the same thing, or had the same character description on a classic tv series.  For instance, it could be they all portrayed ex-husbands of actress X on the whatever show.   You have to be exact in how they were all the same in different episodes...you can't just say they were on the show.   If I said Van Johnson, William Holden and Richard Widmark, the answer would be"  they all met Lucy in Hollywood on I Love Lucy.  Here goes: (hint:  all except 5 and 6 are sitcoms)

1.  Bill Bixby, Dan Tobin, Jean Hagen

2. Vic Damone, Richard Dawson, Lola Albright

3.  Greg Mullavey, Michael Callan, Steve Franken

4. Ruth Buzzi, Sally Kellerman, Jackie Joseph

5. Ray Walston, Julie newmar, Sebastian Cabot

6. Richard Basehart, Ann Baxter, William Shatner

7.  Barbara Hershey, Bonnie Franklin, Richard Dreyfuss

8. Jesse White, Phil Silvers, King Donovan

9. Zsa Zsa Gabor, Hans Conried, Don Rickles

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