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Andy Devine hosted "Andy's Gang" on Saturday mornings. It was Froggy the Gremlin who appeared in as puff of smoke. I believe the quote was something like "I've got shoes, you've got shoes, everybody's got to have shoes, but there's only one kind of shoe for me, good old Buster Brown shoes". Andy was a busy guy back then. He was also playing Jingles on "The Adventures Of Wild Bill Hickock".





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Thank You Miles, I was about to give up. How can any baby boomer not remember this show? Yes Buster Brown Shoes was a sponser I believe both of those (clever? LOL) songs were used.


Critics over the years have credited Froggy as the first to promote kids being disrespectful to elders and have gone so far as to accuse poor

Froggy of being responsible for Baby Boomers to become involved in the '60's protests movements LOL Froggy appeated in a puff of smoke, when he was called to appear.


Thank You, any self respecting TV watching

Baby Boomer not remembering Andy's Gang should be ashamed LOL

Your thread, Miles

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Yes, besides showing unknown jungle movies, Andy also had a segment where he showed kids how to make things with construction paper, Scotch Tape, Saran Wrap and other household items. Now, for you boomers, what kid's show had a sponsor whose product had a wrapper with red, yellow, and blue balloons?

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That description of course would be Wonder Bread, and I believe that was Gail Davis as Annie Oakley on the same titled show had Wonder Bread as a sponsor.


Another kids show probably the most popular of all was Howdy Dowdy Howdy had a few sponsor's and I think Wonder Bread was one of them.


Edited by: lavenderblue19 on Dec 22, 2013 11:10 AM

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First of all, Terrence, I believe it was Tip Top bread that sponsored "The Cisco Kid", along with Nescafe Instant Coffee. Remember "Look for the jar with the stars on the top". Lavenderblue got it. You've got a good memory, Lavender. Wonder bread did indeed sponsor Annie Oakley, but the show I was thinking of was Howdy Doody.




Here is a look back.




I still don't know the eight ways it helps build strong bodies. The parent company also had other baked goods that they promoted on the show. Yikes, dare we look at one more old commercial? Well, yes, if only for the comments on Youtube.




Lavender, was that product ever a favorite of yours? C'mon, 'fess up now. Archie Bunker served them to Sammy Davis Jr., so they must be OK. By the way, it's your turn.

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Thanks Miles, that's why I gave you 2 choices LOL. I'm sure many sponsor's were hankering to have Howdy and Buffalo Bob plug their products and LOL for the comments on youtube ;):D


To answer your question, Yes of course I ate Wonder Bread, however the BEST bakery in NY as far as I'm concerned probably better than any other I've EVER had baked goods from was across the street from my apartment in The Bronx. My mom always got fresh rye bread and rolls from Butterflake Bakery, so at least I didn't just eat junky Wonderbread, but p&j and grilled cheese had to be made on WB :) OH just thinking of Butterflakes 5 layer Strawberry Shortcake with fresh strawberries, their Black and White Cookies and the BEST Chocolate Nut Brownies is making me yearn to go back 50 years.




On Saturdays I ate Lunch with a TV star, many of you probably did too. A very funny guy, he'd list the menu on a blackboard. Who was that guy and the name of tv show??

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