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Yes correct. The show was first named Disneyland when the showf first aired on ABC from 1954 to 1960. Episodes were shown in B&W (even though Disney had the foresight to actually film many episodes in color)


When the show was moved to NBC in 1961, of course Walt would promote Color TV sets and appeared on his show to do that. NBC did broadcast the show in color and the episodes that aired on ABC in B&W were then reaired shown in color as they were originally filmed.


My guess would be there isn't a Baby Boomer around that didn't watch Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color, at least some of time.


A belated Merry XMAS Franklin, thanks and it's your thread

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Then you'd probably be one of the only ones who never watched 1 single episode of any of Walt Disney shows on TV . You might want to read up on his shows and you may change your mind. It was the longest running WEEKLY tv shows in history. Over 30+ years. And if it's true, how unfortunate.


In the meantime it's Franklin's thread.

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LOL and HUH? Some excellent tschckas on Walt's shows. Walt started his shows in 1954 so I'm sure your parents exposed you to a few of those shows before allowing you to watch Elliot and Al, I hope so. I graduated to the Untouchables as a teen.Whatever, can you please let the thread continue?




Edited by: lavenderblue19 on Dec 27, 2013 5:59 PM

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In my house it was still Walt Disney's Wonderful World of B&W...it was only Color at my grandfather's house...


In what is credited as the first 'spin-off,' a character on a long-running radio show was given their own radio show which went on to have movie and TV versions.


Original radio show, character and 'spin-off' name?


And belated Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to lavender and the other fine folks here

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Thanks for "dating" me lav.




In a TV Sitcom that featured an actor from the movie Fitzwilly:


What was the actor's name?

What was the actor's character's name?

What was the actor's wife's name?

What was the actor's wife's character's name?

What was the spinoff sitcom's title?





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'Rob' Petrie -Dick Van Dyke



Laura Petrie - Mary Tyler Moore


*Mad About You* was apparently a sort of follow-up


Or do you consider *the Mary Tyler Moore Show* as a spin-off?


Edited by: emgee1 on Jan 2, 2014 5:56 AM

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Baby Boomers will remember somthing that was popular at parties. ( no, NOT spin the bottle. or 7 minutes in heaven) LOL- but something that was the hit of the land. Voices of a couple of actors were imitated. In fact 1 of those actors was so flattered that a couple of years later he performed this hit of the land. What was it and and what actors are so recognizable as the ones being imitated?

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