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THE SUGARLAND EXPRESS is based on a true story


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When I looked at the title of this thread on the General Discussions page, I thought it said "*THE SUGARLAND EXPRESS is based on a Fred C Dobbs true story*", which made me wonder what ol' Fred was doing to get himself in that big steaming mess of trouble. ;)

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I remember this story being on the national news back in the late 1960s.


What made it national news was the kidnapping of a cop and the long line of cop cars that followed the kidnappers, including many police cars from other counties and states. There were far more police cars than were needed. So, it was the caravan of police cars that made the story unusual.


I imagine the movie version had a lot of stuff added, such as the crowds of local people shaking hands with the kidnappers, and stuff like that.


This movie is similar in many ways to Bonnie and Clyde, but not as violent. It is well made for such a young director. I think Spielberg was only about 26 or 27 years old when he directed it.



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I personally know some of the real characters and I have researched this story for years, including travelling to TX.


this is my favortie movie ever, but most of it is inaccurate. ironically, the accurate parts are the parts about the huge amout of vehicles in the chase, the media coverage, and the publich support the couples recieve. I even visited the real gas station where the couple and their hostage stopped for food, and they indeed had presents shoved in the their hands by by-standers.


BUT - the real event lasted approximately 6-9 hours and not two days, the couple wanted to see their two children one last time before going to prison, the children were actually at her paretn's custody, and they were her childred from previous marriage. the dialogs in the car are mostly fictional in the film, but they are still briliant in my view.


the film was shot during January - April 1973, so Spielberg was 26 when he made it.


(excuse my typos, I'm not a native English speaker)

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