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John Garfield in "Gun Crazy"


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I'm watching "Gun Crazy" with John Dall and Peggy Cummins from 1950. In the scene of the two fleeing the police (about 45 minutes into the film), it cuts to the dispatcher, who appears (to me) to be the profile of John Garfield. The character's voice sounds like Garfield's, but he is not credited, and I can't find any info on whether or not he is in the film. Any ideas?

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Do you know you have committed one of the great heresies of movie fan-dom?!


I think the French really love this film and, therefore, if you're a TRUE connoisseur of film, you think it's an artistic masterpiece, full of symbols, subtlety, etc., etc. etc.


I am not kidding here.


I watched it of course, expecting more, and thought it pretty amateurish.


But then, I laugh out loud at "Johnny Guitar" (and at the character named "The Dancin' Kid" - oh, please, you're killing me!!) and the French consider that a Western masterpiece. As a fan of Westerns, I just find it embarrassing. Imagine The Dancin' Kid appearing in an episode of "Gunsmoke." People would be saying, "Does he work in the saloon? Dancing with Miss Kitty?"


Now I'm making myself laugh.

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Did you ever see the Bonanza episode where Wayne Newton defied his father by going from farmer to saloon singer with? I am sure Wayne would likely have gotten the same treatment as the Dancin' Kid in the real world. As my late father, a WWII vet, used to say, "In my day, if we even remotely suspected somebody of (fill in the blank), he would have been beaten to death. BEATEN TO DEATH!"

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