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TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Mon Dec 2-Sun, Dec 8!!!!


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TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Mon, Dec 2-Sun, Dec 8!!


Hope those who celebrate Thanksgiving had an awesome holiday!! I took this past week off myself, but back in the saddle again for the coming week's lineup of TCM grooves!!


First, a shout out for tonight's noir flick starring John Payne and Ellen Drew, THE CROOKED WAy (1949), rarely aired, gotta check this one at 10pm EST, and this is followed by this week's Silent Sunday feature, CAPTAIN SALVATION (1927) with Lars Hanson!!


And then...wow!!! The grooves hit hard and heavy right off the bat this week, cats and kittens, on Monday at 7:15, a daytime lineup filled with light crime flix kicks off with the lovely Maureen Sullivan, TCM board fave Joel McCrea and Lewis Stone in WOMAN WANTED (1935)!!! Then it's Eddie G his own bad self, with Bogie and hot-cha-cha hard-boiled dame, Claire Trevor in THE AMAZING DR CLITTERHOUSE from 1938, also featuring a great supporting cast filled with those character actors we love to love, including Allen Jenkins, Donald Crisp, Henry O'Neill, John Litel, Thurston Hall, Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom, and Ward Bond!! Talkin' 'bout hard-boiled dames, it's Glenda Farrell showing up next in her Torchy role, this time she is running for mayor!!! TORCHy RUNS FOR MAyOR (1939) also with tough talking Barton MacLane and Tom Kennedy in one of the funniest recurring supporting roles ever! Pat O'Brien wants to get into this act next with George Murphy and Carole Landis, in HAVING WONDERFUL CRIME (1945)!!! I love that flick, actually, I'm diggin' on all the flix on Monday daytime, wow, as Mitch hits it next with the luscious Jane Greer, William Bendix, Ramon Novarro (in one of his best later roles!), and Patric Knowles in THE BIG STEAL (1949)!!! Wayne Morris and Janis Paige get rolling in THE HOUSE ACROSS THE STREET (1949), and then Red Skelton, that lucky dog, gets to hang out with Arlene Dahl and Ann Miller in WATCH THE BIRDIE (1950)!!! Tough as nails Broderick Crawford stars next in a remake of an Eddie G flick from 1938, this time with Claire Trevor, in STOP, yOU'RE KILLING ME (1952)!! The original is better, but this one has some pop and humor to it, so it's worth a check out, for sure!


Then...wow! As if Monday didn't sizzle your fingers and knock your socks off, get a load of Tuesday, daddio!!! Wowza!!!! A FULL day (day and night) of "The Mob" and classic gangsters!! Wow! 6am gets us started with Gene Kelly and J Carroll Naish in BLACK HAND (1950)! Then it's Bogie and the lovely Kay Francis in KING OF THE UNDERWORLD (1939)!! Jimmy Cagney gets some licks in with Lew Ayres and Dorothy Mathews in the riveting gangster pre-code flick, DOORWAy TO HELL (1930)!!! Then it's Jean Arthur, Chester (hunk-o-matic!!) Morris and Lionel Barrymore in PUBLIC HERO NO 1 (1935)!!! Then Eddie G takes over TCM, see, and no one is gonna get in his way as he machine-guns his way through a quartet of his best: THE LAST GANGSTER (1937) with Jimmy Stewart, Edward Brophy, Rose Stradner, Lionel Stander, John Carradine and Sydney Blackmer!! Then one of my favorite Eddie G flix, and one that I think is underrated, with fellow tough mugs Bogie and Barton MacLane, along with the sex-o-licious Joan Blondell, in BULLETS OR BALLOTS (1936)!!! Bogie returns to hassle Eddie G, along with Maisie...errr....Ann Sothern, and Allen Jenkins in the heart-warming BROTHER ORCHID (1940)!! Mixed bag of a flick, but it works in the end! Then it's the classic 1930 flick, LITTLE CAESAR, followed by the other ground-breaking gangster classic, from 1931, PUBLIC ENEMy, where that other tough mug takes a stand, Jimmy Cagney!!!


And Cagney stays with us for the evening feature, "Mob City" with a double dose of gangster goodies: WHITE HEAT (1949) followed by THE ROARING TWENTIES (1939), the latter with Bogie and my main man, Frank McHugh, along with a stellar and underrated performance by Gladys George!! Then Fritz Lang blows the cover off the joint with the riveting gangster/noir flick, THE BIG HEAT (1953), with Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame, and Lee Marvin--oh yeah, it's hot in the kitchen on TCM today!! And TCM isn't done with us yet, oh no!, as they close out the night with a Bogie double feature: KEy LARGO (1948) also featuring one of Eddie G's best performances in a career filled with them, and THE PETRIFIED FOREST (1936), where Bogie gets to shine along with Bette Davis and Leslie Howard!!! OMG, WOW!!! What a day, for a classic gangster and crime flick fan such as myself, this is paradise on earth!!! Thank you, TCM!!! you totally rock!!


Wednesday nights are all about Fred Astaire in the month of December, as he is our Star of the Month, and his first night doesn't disappoint at all with some classics such as the pre-code gems FLyING DOWN TO RIO (1933) and THE GAy DIVORCEE (1934), along with ROBERTA (1935), FOLLOW THE FLEET (1936), THE STORy OF VERNON AND IRENE CASTLE, and SECOND CHORUS (1940)---and into Thursday morning, THE SKy'S THE LIMIT (1943)!! Fred Astaire fans and fans of classic good musical films are gonna be groovin' hard, for sure!!


Then on Thursday, at 9am, TCM kicks off an Otto Preminger fest, with such awesome flix as ANGEL FACE (1953), with Mitch, Jean Simmons, Herbert Marshall, Leon Ames and Jim Backus!! Then it's ol' blue eyes himself in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM (1955), featuring the luscious lovely Kim Novak and an outstanding performance from Eleanor Parker!!! ANATOMy OF A MURDER (1959), ADVICE AND CONSENT (1962) and BUNNy LAKE IS MISSING (1965) round out this groove fest!


Thursday night's theme is "Fighting Prejudice" and I'm always a fan of THE DEFIANT ONES (1958) which kicks it off at 8pm, with Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis!! I also groove to Juano Hernandez in INTRUDER IN THE DUST (1950) which shows up at 4:15am!


Friday at 6am...wow! It's DAS TESTAMENT DES DR MABUSE from 1933, directed by Fritz Lang!!! Then it's Hitch in the house with the 1929 flick, BLACKMAIL, one of my faves of his!!!


Friday night spotlight this month is "The Hollywood Costume" and we kick off with two fairly rare pre-codes, BLONDE VENUS (1932), with Marlene Dietrich, Herbert Marshall, and Cary Grant, directed by Josef Von Sternberg!!! This one is very rarely screened, so gotta check it out!!! Then it's Claudette Colbert starring in a Cecil B Demille flick, also with my main man, Warren William, CLEOPATRA (1934)!!! Pre-code heaven on a Friday prime time!! And of course these are followed by, what else, CASABLANCA (1942)!!! Dig it!!


Gotta check out John Garfield in his final flick on Saturday morning at 8:45am, HE RAN ALL THE WAy (1951)!! Also with Shelley Winters and Wally Ford!! Riveting crime flick!


To get into the holiday spirit, TCM is airing the holiday heart-warmer, IT HAPPENED ON FIFTH AVENUE (1947)!!! Sunday at noon! Starring Victor Moore, Charlie Ruggles, Don DeFore, Ann Harding, Gale Storm and Grant Mitchell, this one hit my holiday flick radar late, but wow, it's awesome!


And don't miss out on the late night silents on TCM, first it's KING OF KINGS from 1927 for the Silent Sunday feature at midnight, an epic flick directed by Cecil B DeMille and starring HB Warner in the title role!!! Then up at 4am it's the riveting, moving, and wow flick, THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC (1928), directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer, and starring the amazing Maria Falconetti in a tour-de-force performance!!!


Tons and tons and tons to groove about this coming week!!! Hope you all enjoy the flix and groove along with me and our buddies at TCM!!

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One of the first things I noticed on the December schedule was this Friday's screening of Blonde Venus. Can anyone here tell me if that's ever been shown before on TCM? I know that I've been looking for it to show up ever since October of 2009, but no luck until now.


Also, one that you missed which shows some Ed Woodish promise is Lana Turner's The Big Cube, (this Saturday night at 4 AM), which according to the synopsis centers around Turner and her stepdaughter almost ruining their lives with a sugar cube laced with LSD! I've just begun watching the Camp Classic Ten Violent Girls from last night's Underground movies, and The Big Cube looks like a worthy successor. ;)

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