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Don't care anymore what TCM does


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If they start showing post 1970s films, I don't care.

If they begin to show commercials , I don't care.


It's only a tv channel. Nothing I or others can do to stop change from happening.


If TCM gradually becomes another "regular channel" , I don't care. Let's enjoy TCM while we've got it. ok.


we still have DVDs if the channel changes for good.


There's nothing we can do. Accept things as they come. It's all money. A wider audience = more $

So don't complain if they air 70s and 80s films. I now understand what's going on. Nothing we can do. TCM will gradually change as time moves forward. For better or for worse. If TCM stayed 100% studio era , the channel wouldn't of survived as long as it has already TCM ISN'T DYING. IT'S MATURING. It's having a more variety of films.


Edited by: classiccinemafan on Nov 30, 2013 12:54 PM


Edited by: classiccinemafan on Nov 30, 2013 12:56 PM

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I don't care anymore when people start yet another thread lamenting the "changing" TCM landscape.

I don't care that one of these threads pops up anew once a week (or so it seems), and that they are always always the same.

I don't care that it is boring. I don't care about trying to argue with them.


There's nothing we can do. There seem to have always been people who think that Turner Classic Movies was permanently committed to anything made before 1960 (or is it 1970? no matter...) and that to ever air anything made after their magic date is some kind of betrayal of TCM fans.


There's nothing I can do. These people with their unwavering allegiance to movies made before a certain arbitrary date, and with their misguided idea of what TCM is all about, will continue to post threads here bemoaning how the station has changed, and it's all for the worse.


I don't care. Baby.


Edited by: misswonderly on Nov 30, 2013 1:35 PM

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If changes need to be made, OK. But PLEASE, NO COMMERCIALS!!


I think that breaking up the films with commercials would be the one thing that would cause mass defections around here. I know I'd *never* tune into any movie channel which interrupted the film for even one 30 second commercial break. Between movies, I don't care what they promote, but leave the movies themselves in one piece.


OTOH as misswonderly notes, there's absolutely no indication that any such move is being contemplated, so I wouldn't be losing any sleep over the thought.

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As several others here have written in response to you there is nothing to suggest that TCM is changing. There is no evidence that TCM is showing additional 1970's 80's or even 90's films on the schedule.


Now if you had just tuned in and watched the recent Story of Film series and saw that there were additional post 1970 films on the schedule or the few post 1970 films on today then yes, there are more post 1970 films on the schedule.


But the Story of Film is ending in December so it is back to the bread and butter of TCM.....


Films mainly from before 1960.


I have had to perform enough research on a month to month basis just so that I could present schedule facts to people like you. You and several others here have decided that since TCM is showing additional post 1970 films on the schedule, that somehow this means that TCM is changing. Nothing could be further from the truth. On average, TCM shows 80% pre 1960 films on the schedule. Yes, there are some months where those number dip to 70% or so, mostly due to the 31 Days of Oscar month, but usually each month averages 80% or so pre 1960 films on the schedule.


So loosen up, okay?


Another thing. You seem to think TCM is going to commercials, right? Where are you getting that from? As far as TCM benefiting from commercial programming like AMC. This is not gonna happen any time soon if ever. For one thing TCM does not subscribe to the Nielsens Rating Services. They don't buy commercial time because as part of the Time Warner family, there are several other cable channels that do and because TCM is the only channel Time Warner owns that has won a Peabody Award because of it's programming, I am sure they are more than happy with TCM.


One last thing. This subject has been talked to death in the last year. In fact just a few days ago, NylonLisa started another thread similar to this one. My question to you is this:


Why did you fell the need to start yest another thread discussing this topic. Next time perform a search about topics and then go there, please?


Here are several other threads devoted to this subject:


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>If changes need to be made, OK. But PLEASE, NO COMMERCIALS!!

>Say it ain't so, TCM!!




It ain't so. The OP who posted that was conjecturing about the future.


And that conjecture flies in the face of what TCM's own Charles Tabesh has repeatedly said about the subject:


"When AMC went commercial many years ago, the cable affiliates freaked out, because they were getting a lot of complaints from subscribers and they wanted to make sure that TCM never added commercials. And we?ve never have plans to add commercials. I think it?s actually written into some of our affiliate agreements.?


Oh, and TCM doesn't chase ratings, as FXRey pointed out and Tabesh confirms.


?Zero. We don?t get ratings. We?re not even allowed to get ratings,?


Nor is TCM chasing the so-called "younger crowd" in hopes of improving their standing. They are already in over 85 million homes.


?There?s no specific agenda or intent to bring in newer movies,? Tabesh said. ?It happens naturally some times, as we program thematically and we want to go in depth with whatever theme, whatever star we?re looking at. And sometimes that context leads us to newer movies.?


Nor is the major demographic of the channel the post-55 AARP crowd:


"I don?t want to say it was a surprise,? he said (TCM GM Jeff Gregor, by the way). ?But two-thirds of our audience is 18-54."


Richard Steiner also offered some perspectives on the digital audience, which he said was larger and younger than some people might think.


You can read all about here:



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>There's nothing we can do. Accept things as they come.


Ah, grasshopper, you have at least learned the secret to eternal bliss and inner peace. Truly the path to nirvana lies in the realization that the material is folly, and that all unhappiness arises from the clinging to it. Transcend, transcend.

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I'm with you, MissW.


Everytime TCM does something that the folks in these forums don't like, they **** and moan, gripe, bellyache, bit**, stopm their feet, throw tantrums, hold ther breath until blue and do everything short of picking up pitchforks and torches to storm the windmill. And TCM remains oblivious to all of it.


Like originally suggested, best to just sit back and enjoy it while you can.



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@finance: "Do the "suits" read these boards, or are we just wasting our figurative breath?"







That is meant as a serious answer.



Ironically your post reads like the "Dr. Strangelove..." title (albeit with resignation replaced by a question mark), but plays more like "Catch-22". Perhaps that's apropos.


My take, forum newbie that I might be, is that acceptance and acquiescence are not synonymous and we hardly need to just sit by and let change go by unremarked.


I for one am not at all dismayed by the appearance of post-60s movies. My definition of a classic is not limited strictly by time and perspective. However, "Doctor Doolittle" and Drew Barrymore I find... disturbing. The TCM Bigs can say all they want about not seeking demographic appeal (or appeasement) but there is little to justify the presence and contributions of Drew or for that matter Bill Hader (from whom I had expected better) and the confusing selections of "Essentials jr." if not for purposes of casting a larger net.


I can't blame them, but I think they can do/find better. (And there's no reason they can't shoot straight about it rather than spray us with a hose and tell us it's raining.)

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>Do the "suits" read these boards, or are we just wasting our figurative breath?


Sure they do. That's how the general manager found out that "there are some people who watch TCM every night."


LOL! Imagine that, paying extra for a specialty channel and wanting to watch it every night! Apparently that revelation came as a surprise to them.


Unfortunately, I no longer can watch TCM every night. Maybe only one two or three nights a week, when the old classics are on.


Well, well, well, I gues that doesn't matter to the suits, as long as I continue to pay my high monthly cable bill. THAT is what matters, continuing to subscribe no matter what new non-classic films they air so they can attract new younger subscribers. So even if we watch the channel only 1 night a week and CONTINUE to pay our high monthly cable bills, that is what is important to the suits.

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>Do the "suits" read these boards, or are we just wasting our figurative breath?


You aren't wasting your breath,, they lurk and read. They've said so at various TCM events.


They used to participate more here but they've been met with a great deal of ridicule and mean spirited posts and I think that might have contributed to their backing off.

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>..but they've been met with a great deal of ridicule and mean spirited posts and I think that might have contributed to their backing off.


I've often wondered about this. Over the last few years, I've seen at least a half-dozen "newbies" bullied off the boards.. and some on their first post!


I really hate to see this - anywhere. I'd like to offer a belated apology to all of them.

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