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robert osborne


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Well, now, jim, I think you might be gettin' off on the wrong foot here on the boreds tonight. The word "gay" has different meanings and it is possible Mr. Oswalt meant it the way it was used back in the day that I remember it. Yeah, that's it, jim. It's all a matter of conno-TA-tion and this here word used in a certain conno-TA-tion is not such a bad word after all.


Let me give you an example here, jim. But before I do that, I have to tell you just now on TVLand channel they are showing an old Dippity-Do commercial or maybe it was Brylcreem. I can't recall at the moment but the upshot is that you have to repeat the mantra, A little dab will do ya when you watch the following link below.


Now if I may, I will direct you to the following link to illustrate the point I was originally referring to. The use of the word gay before I sidetracked myself. I hate it when I sidetrack myself. Much obliged, pardn'r. Welcome to the boreds !!



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Yep. Gay meant something ELSE in the past. Today as well, "gay" has taken to mean something other than homosexual. Haven't you ever seen any of them WANDA SYKES TV ads?


Didn't see the situation that's being referred, so I couldn't guess what was meant by it's usage at the time, though. So I'll just leave it be...



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