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TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Mon Dec 9-Sun, Dec 15!!!!


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TCM Flix to Groove Hard To!!! Week of Mon, Dec 9-Sun, Dec 15!!


Hope all my TCM cats and kittens are having an awesome week, and hope you are grooving hard to your favorite TCM flix!!! First, I'd love to do a shout out to the PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC flick that is on the telly as I'm typing this out! What a masterpiece of incredible mastery that flick is on so many levels!!! Carl Theodor Dreyer, man, that cat had it going on!!


And the grooves don't let up at 6am on Monday morning with a block of Margaret Hamilton flix, and we kick off with a pre-code, ANOTHER LANGUAGE (1933), with Helen Hayes and Robert Montgomery!! We stick in the 30's for a bit, with CHATTERBOX (1936), with Anne Shirley and Phillips Holmes! Then it's a couple of flix, I've not seen before! First, at 8:45am, George Brent, Josephine Hutchinson, Robert Barrat, and Guy Kibbee star in MOUNTAIN JUSTICE (1937)!! And then Margaret is howling along with Joe E Brown and the lovely Marian Marsh in WHEN'S yOUR BIRTHDAy? (1937)!! Anne Shirley comes on back with Margaret and Ruby Keeler in MOTHER CAREy'S CHICKENS (1938), then with Wallace Beery, The Mick and Arthur Hohl in STABLEMATES (1938)!!! Groove!!


Tuesday kicks off with a favorite groove, Clark "The King" Gable, William Powell and Myrna Loy in a slightly post-code crime drama, MANHATTAN MELODRAMA (1934)! It always gets me right where it counts!


In the wee hours, 3:45am to be exact, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dottie Lamour mix it up in ROAD TO BALI (1953), the final "Road" flick with all 3 of 'em!!


Wednesday's daytime theme is football, baby, and we got a ton of 30s flix, including a couple of pre-codes to kick it off at 6:45am with Ramon Novarro, the sexy Madge Evans, Una Merkel, and Kane Richmond in HUDDLE from 1932!!! Then Wild Bill William Wellman directs Dick Powell, Ann Dvorak and Pat O'Brien in COLLEGE COACH (1933)!!! Next up, Betty Furness, Eddie Quillan, and Grant Mitchell star in GRIDIRON FLASH (1935)!! My main man James Gleason stars in the next football flick, THE BIG GAME (1936), one I've not seen before, also with Philip Huston and June Travis!! June Travis is back, this time with William "Paul Drake" Hopper, in OVER THE GOAL (1937)!! Then it's half of the Wheeler and Woolsey team (sadly, Robert Woolsey had passed away), Bert Wheeler, along with Marie Wilson, in THE COWBOy QUARTERBACK (1939)!! At 4:30, football turns a bit noirish with femme fatale Lizabeth Scott, good girl Lucille Ball, and hunky dory Victor Mature, all directed with flourish by Jacques Tourneur!!! Finally, the Duke himself gets into the act, with Donna Reed and Charles Coburn, in TROUBLE ALONG THE WAy (1953), a truly sentimental tale that remains one of my all time faves!!!


Wednesday nights in December is all about bustin' a move with Fred Astaire, and wow, Astaire fans are in their glory!!! This week will include such gems as yOU'LL NEVER GET RICH (1941), yOU WERE NEVER LOVELIER (1942), THE BAND WAGON (1953), SILK STOCKINGS (1957), THREE LITTLE WORDS (1950), and THE BELLE OF NEW yORK (1952)!!!


And who woulda thunk it, but Fred can keep those soft shoes burning even after day break, partier that he is! At 7am on Thursday morning, we are still dancing in the streets with Fred in yOLANDA AND THE THIEF (1945), and ZIEGFELD FOLLIES (1946)!!! That Fred, what a party animal!!


Thursday night's theme is "Directors on Film" and we're treated to a pre-code (yowza!!) at 2am, with my main man Lowell Sherman, the glamorous Constance Bennett, and Neil "Commissioner Gordon" Hamilton in WHAT PRICE HOLLyWOOD? (1932)! yes, it was on not long ago, but it rocks, daddio!!


Van Heflin takes over on Friday, with a full day of his flix!! First up, at 6:30am, he stars with the lovely Marsha Hunt, Harry Carey, and James Ellison, in ANNAPOLIS SALUTE (1937)!! Then we're back to football again, this time with Van, the lovely Marian Marsh and Richard lane in SATURDAy'S HEROES (1937)!!! Van hits the trail next, the SANTA FE TRAIL (1940), to be exact, with Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, and Raymond Massey!!! Up next, it's my hardest groove of the day, with Van starring in a comedy mystery, always a fave of mine, GRAND CENTRAL MURDER (1942), with a tremendous cast!! Wow, Patricia Dane, Cecelia Parker, Tom Conway, Sam Levene, Samuel S Hinds!! Awesome stuff!!!!


Saturday, I'll be looking for a couple of grooves, the first is The Gipper's silver screen debut!!! Ronald Reagan stars in LOVE IS IN THE AIR, a snappy WB flick from 1937, with June Travis, Eddie Acuff, Addison Richards, Ben Welden, and Robert Barrat!! A fun, typically quick-paced WB flick!! Up at noon is a Randolph Scott western, SEVENTH CAVALRy (1956), with Barbara "Della Street" Hale, and Jay C Flippen! Get your oater on!!


Saturday night is all about Claudette Colbert, and we are treated to THE PALM BEACH STORy (1942), TOMORROW IS FOREVER (1946) and the one I'm most wanting to groove out to, MIDNIGHT (1939), with John Barrymore, Don Ameche, Monty Woolley, Francis Lederer, Mary Astor, and Hedda Hopper!!! What a treat this will be!!!


Much later, on TCM Underground at 3:30am, The Shat shows up in a shocker, INCUBUS (1965), gotta check it out!!


Sunday we get lots of coolio treats, namely the Marx Bros themselves in A NIGHT AT THE OPERA (1935) at 6am, my favorite version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL (1938) at 10am, and THE THIN MAN (1934) at 6pm (the only pre-code flick in the series!!). Rock out!!!


Sunday primetime features "Christmas Comedies", and in our TCM stocking is THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER (1941) and THE LEMON DROP KID (1951)!! Then the Silent Sunday feature is Lon Chaney in THE UNHOLy THREE (1925), followed by a couple of crime dramas, PICKPOCKET (1959) and CRIME AND PUNISHMENT USA (1959), the latter based upon the Dostoyevsky novel!


Whew, an awesome week, thanks TCM for the cinematic grooves!!! Have a great week everyone!!!

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I thank you for your efforts to get us rockin' to this week's goodies! :)


I would like to highlight that today contains the last episode of the: The Story of Film theme.


I urge all to watch: *Russian Ark* (2002). It is a visual treat of the highest order as it was shot entirely in The Hermitage which is argued to be the greatest art museum in the world. I believe that some might find it trippin' as the movie is one long shot!


I know nothing of: *Climates* (2006) but it has been recommended to me by several people whose taste I trust.


*Midnight* (1939) on Saturday night is as you have said a real treat! I love very much the scene in which John Barrymore is on the telephone! :) This movie exemplifies what I love so much about movies as it is pure entertainment and it combines levels of both sophisticated humor and slapstick.

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Sunday we get lots of coolio treats, namely the Marx Bros themselves in A NIGHT AT THE OPERA (1935) at 6am, my favorite version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL (1938) at 10am, and THE THIN MAN (1934) at 6pm (the only pre-code flick in the series!!). Rock out!!!


All true, mark, but I liked Sim's version better.


New to me today - you know Peter O'Toole died, right - was Holiday Affair. Wow, Mitchum scorched the film. As if Wendell Corey ever had a chance. The kid was good too.


Awhile back The Big Steal was new to me too.


It's heartwarming when TCM does it like they used to do it.


Happy Holidays, mark!

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