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A Penny for your Thoughts


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Many times watching a classic film I've thought to myself "Wow, I'd love to be on that set!"


2 sets in particular come to mind: MAYTIME - The gorgeous St. Cloud Mayday set in all its apple blossom glory...and

LOVE AFFAIR - Nanou's retreat at the top of the hill in Madeira. Such a feeling of serenity and peace resided there. I just loved it!


Now, how about you? If you could wisk away to a favorite movie set -- where would you go?

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The Warner Bros.ocean(tank) set for "Captain Blood" it has to do with being a pirate(my hang-up). Willie Wonka's chocolate factory(mmmmmmmm chocolate:)and the outdoor set for "1966 The Professionals" just to hang out with Burt Lancaster,Lee Marvin ,Jack Palance and Robert Ryan and Claudia Cardinale(Claudia and chocolate mmmm)


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I'd like to visit the Beast's castle in Cocteau's film, and walk down that corridor with the arms holding the candelabra type things, and then enter the main room which has the living fireplace side personages whose eyes move, and the self filling wine bottle on the table.


The bedroom with the mirror which can take you to any other place to view, is also nice, as is the beautiful white horse in the stable. It would be nice to be able to walk through the bedroom doorway, and have invisible hands dress one in the fine robes and pearl jewelry. Plus the whole grounds of the Beast's castle setting would be quite beautiful to wander around, just like Beauty liked to do.


My sister in law always wants to see "White Christmas" because she says she loves that Inn that Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney are staying in, and likes the early American furnishings.

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I must have been in Potterville, instead of Bedford Falls, because I thought you had expired, but maybe you faked your own death as that guy did in "Eddie and the Cruisers".


Mr. Leisen, you are one of my favorite directors, having done things like "Kitty", "The Mating Season" and the much more famous films that all know.


But of all your films, my personal favorite is "No Man of Her Own" which is one of the greatest movies I have ever seen. Stanwyck is amazing, and along with her nasty boyfriend Lyle Bettger, really makes the film suspenseful and the movie also has the great Jane Cowl, but I guess you know that.


Congrats on making one of the most superior versions of a Cornell Woolrich tale, committed to the screen and don't be a stranger, even though you are well over a hundred years old now!

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Michael Caine, not blinking in films...is the key to stardom, of long lasting duration.


I saw Caine on a talk show once. He said he noticed as a young actor, that the very great stars...never blinked in their closeups. So he learned to perfect that, since he thought it drew more attention to one's part, and persona in the film.


Ever since I heard Caine say this, I too watch all the great actors in closeups and notice...that most of them don't blink. They must put eye drops in though, as I could not keep my eyes that motionless, for so long. I've tried but it's tough.


And the really not so good actors, who you think are annoying...seem to blink a lot, and are scattered in their assault on the screen. Not blinking does seem to be a powerful way to control the screen.


At least that's what Maurice Micklewhite [i think that's his name] thinks....

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