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Separated at Birth -


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Sometimes I see a movie star, and for a moment am fooled by their resemblance to another star, and forget which one they are, if they are one of the less frequently seen character actor types. Like is William Demarest really William Frawley or vice versa, and no wonder one was cast to replace the other on Fred's series, "My Three Sons".


Those two are really easy to distinguish compared to some of the really much more similar types like Henry Daniell and a Victor Francen maybe, since they both play similar parts.


Some prototypes on film are so alike, in their good old dad parts, or wily exotics, or sleazy chorine ways...that one is indistinguishable from another....which is why people might get Veda Ann Borg confused with Marian Martin or Toby Wing.


There have always been the groomed by studios type of successors to a big star, like Jayne Mansfield and Sheri North, who were purposely used as Marilyn Monroe types at their studios...but true Separated at Birth types, just really resemble each other with not much artificial help.


Recently I was thinking that Hugh Marlowe and Richard Carlson should have played brothers onscreen, as they seem rather alike. Two women separated by many years, but who could be mother and daughter are the great dancer, Moira Shearer and Reba McIntire, who I just thought recently was reminding me of someone.


Often the real brothes and sisters in filmdom, like Dana Andrews and Steve Forrest or Lawrence Tierney and Scott Brady, or Gypsy Rose Lee and June Havoc, do not resemble each other as much as some totally unrelated performers.


Who are your favorite nominees for the Separated at Birth awards for looking like siblings of the same sex or opposite, or parent and child?

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As a kid I always confused James Whitmore with Spencer Tracy.


The very young Barbara Stanwyck resembled Evelyn Brent (IMHO).


Wynne Gibson and Miriam Hopkins looked like if they were sisters.


Mary Martin and Jean Arthur, also looked alike.

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Hey Fuster,


Definitly know what you mean when it comes to Richard Carlson and Hugh Marlowe. I can never keep those two straight in my mind. I'm getting better, but for some reason I used to confuse Flora Robson and Anne Revere, and they don't even look very much alike.


Get back to you when I think of some others. Funny idea.





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freaky...are you channeling me?


Just last nite, I was watching Jean Arthur and started thinking how much she looked like and even acted like Mary Martin.


I bet Jean could have done a great Peter Pan!


Thanks for some wonderful additions to the list.



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have definitely got something there with Flora Robson and Anne Revere.


In the olden days, they both would have been referred to as "handsome" women, and though one is British and one American, they both have very similar, strong jaw and bone structures.


Very good call!


Both played mostly no nonsense parts too, in films.

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about DeNiro and Pacino, which makes one think they should always be in films together, as they could be from the same family seemingly.


Just like Goober and Gomer from "The Andy Griffith Show" , who were not on the show simultaneously...one thinks of Robert and Al being in scenes together in "The Godfather".



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wholeheartedly...Elizabeth Perkins does look like Judy Garland, facially.


I think it is the Esther Blodgett turned up proboscis!


That Josef von Sternberg film, is so wacky! And you are right...Ona Munson is mostly unrecognizable and does look like she's trying to take on a Gale appearance.


Who else but Gale, can smile and look so evil?


I was surprised to see Ona Munson in a very motherly and low key role, in that Eddie G. film, "The Red House" where she portrays Lon McCallister's mother. She is much more subdued than one remembers of her as Belle Watling.


Speaking of TSG, I've always thought Victor Mature looks like Sylvester Stallone, and that Stallone looked like an Italian Paul McCartney.

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Funny, I thought the same thing about Victor Mature looking like Stallone. I have a hard time distinguishing Henry Stephenson from Sir C. Aubrey Smith. Both of these men are old, English, refined gentlemen with white hair. Sometimes if you see a photo of Gibert Roland, it is hard to distinguish him from John Gilbert. In fact, I think Gilbert Roland changed his first name to Gilbert because he looked so much like his idol.

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