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Peter O'Toole (1932-2013)

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>Geminigirl wrote: Wow. Eleanor Parker on the 9th, Audrey Totter on the 12th, and now Peter O' Toole on the 15th. May they all find eternal peace...............



Don't forget Italian actress Rossana Podest? died on December 10th.

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>An eye-opener: Venus (2006).


>What an actor


On top of that, this film earned him yet another (his 8th) Academy Award nomination. Unfortunately, what is more incredible is the fact he has never won for any of these nominations. I mean.. what the heck are they thinking out there? A posthumous award

would be no less than a slap in the face - this makes for such a sad ending.

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So sad to hear this.

I saw the restored Lawrence of Arabia on the big screen last year with an audience and it was a grand spectacle. I understand that he may have completed one more film roll still to be released.

At least TCM will probably show their interview with Mr. O'Toole once again. His recounting of the raid on Aqaba is memorable.

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Yes, it cannot be denied that he was a great actor.


However, I don't believe that TCM should now scrub out its schedule in order to offer a memorial, consisting of movies that have already been shown, time and time and time again. Even showing *one* of these movies as a special memorial is one showing too many.


As the script goes, such a memorial will wipe out less well-known movies that many have been waiting patiently to see and are currently on the schedule, perhaps to be shown for the first time. Any memorial can be confined to discussions in the forums, where fans can reminisce about O'Toole and his movies.


I do not expect that TCM will pay any attention to this preemptive complaint about such a special memorial practice. They are probably already itching to trash the schedule :-(.



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I agree that the current month's schedule ought not to be altered to accommodate a tribute to Peter O'Toole. However, given the large number of great movies in which he appeared, I would hope he could be given either a Star of the Month or Summer Under the Stars honor at some point during 2014.


Thinking of Peter O'Toole's film career, it is really quite amazing to think about the number of great movies he appeared in - Lawrence of Arabia, Becket, My Favorite Year, the list goes on. I'm glad that the Academy Awards people smartened up and gave him an honorary Oscar in 2002.


It's also interesting to note that O'Toole outlived by a considerable length of time all of his old friends with whom he copiously drank - Peter Finch died in the mid '70s, Richard Burton in the mid '80s, and Richard Harris died about eleven years ago. I'm sure O'Toole must have known his days were numbered.

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Haven't posted in awhile but I do think they should alter the schedule for a Peter O'Toole tribute. I realize most of his movies are shown quite often but he is such a great actor that he if anyone deserves the schedule to be changed for one day,


And it's not like every day has rare films on this month. Just randomly looking at the schedule, Friday has a bunch of movies that are shown pretty frequently. And that is just one example.


Edited by: Kinokima on Dec 15, 2013 4:45 PM

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As soon as I got on the computer and saw this, I became depressed. Ther first movie I saw of his was How to Steal a Million, and that lead to Lawrence of Arabia, The Lion in Winter, My Favorite Year and even, What's New Pussycat?. I was thirteen when I first watched a movie of his, five years later and I considered him one of my favorites. I know the "retired Christian" is walking around in Heaven now.


P.S. If Albert Finney dies next I'll never read another news article ever.

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