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"One Reel Wonder" theme


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Greetings TCM board,


I was hoping someone out there could give me some information about the "theme" to the "One Reel Wonders" segments on TCM. How would you catagorize that style of music? Crooning, Jazz, or "sweet" music? Also, could someone recommend a CD with similar sounding music, or maybe just the name of anyone who might have popularized the style.


Thanks in advance,




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Well, it would make a sound such as this if it were old and worn out. Remember, if you strike a new 78 rpm record from the original metal plate (made from the wax recording), the recording sounds as if it could have been made yesterday (albeit in mono sound).


We associate crackling with old 78s because they were played frequently, and with needles nearly the size of ballpoint pen nubs! ;)



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I believe the crackles and scratches were just mixed

in over the ORW theme. On a genuine scratchy record, the

scratches (noise) overwhelm the song (signal), basically

replace it with the scratch for a split second. I don't

hear this on the ORW theme- the scratches sound simply

'layered' on top. To make it really genuine, they

should have -getting technical here- used the scratches

to "duck" or diminish the volume of the song when

they occur.

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megaphone sound too, like some of the Rudy Vallee stuff from the 1920's.


There is a great boxed set, called "The 1920's" which may still be in print, which has a lot of music that sounds like stuff on that One Reel Wonder music and other TCM interludes.


The boxed set features performances from popular bands of the time like Jean Goldkette, and Paul Whiteman, and has some Rhythm Boys stuff, with Bing Crosby before he went solo.

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