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A certain shade of orchid/lavender in some movies


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I have noticed that there is 1 certain shade of orchid/lavender that appears in some old films. It's the exact same color each time. I have noticed that it's used as an accent color such as a dress, shirt, part of a stage. It comes in all forms, however not in all movies. There has to be some significance to this color. I have not paid attention to see if it's in a certain producers or directors films. When used it is quite extensive thru- out the entire movie. My eye goes right to it as it is a most beautiful color.

Am I crazy or what?? Is this even a possibility??

Any information would be appreciated.


Edited by: eldbutte on Dec 18, 2013 11:25 PM

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I would be willing to bet there's no substantive significance. Certain shades of lavender are very flattering to most complexions, and also were widely used in the Technicolor process. (Also used in stage productions.)


I think it's likely that actors/make up artists/costume designers liked it because of its effect on complexions on film.


But that's just my opinion. :)

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>Am I crazy or what?? Is this even a possibility??

>Any information would be appreciated.


Maybe you are seeing 2-color Technicolor, which has only two colors:


pale blue and orange.


A mix of the two makes a kind of brown.


Seen in some films in the 30s-50s. Mainly in the early 1930s.



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A much older friend of mine -- now deceased -- told me that when she saw Flying Down to Rio in the movies, the screen turned orchid when they sang "Orchids in the Moonlight." I've never seen that, though, in all the times I've seen the film on TV.

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