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THE COSSACKS (1928) TCM Premiere March 9th!


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Big News, TCM is finally airing *THE COSSACKS* with John Gilbert, Renee Adoree, Ernest Torrence and Nils Asther for the first time ever on March 9th! It only took 13 years as this debuted on France 3 clear back in 2001! So it definitely didn't happen overnight.


Have no information yet on who did the new score, but certainly hope it will be good. I'm used to my own compiled score of Tango/Movie Orchestra tunes from the 20's. Possibly Robert Israel or Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra? Please don't let it be who ever scored JEKYLL AND HYDE, or BROKEN BLOSSOMS for TCM. their own exclusive scores and both equally dreadful. I pray it's Israel! Stay away Vivek Maddalla please!


This came as a complete surprise, because I had no idea that a TCM version of *THE COSSACKS* had been in the works. The film exists in near flawless condition and it will be nice to see a new broadcast master. I'll see what I can find out about this project. Also leads me to believe that Renee Adoree might be a strong candidate for a day on Summer Under The Stars next August. TCM I believe has more then enough of her films in rotation to make this happen.






*"Romance Cossack Style!"*

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Gagman, I, too, was delightfully surprised (make that SHOCKED!!!) when I saw that TCM has scheduled The Cossacks for broadcast in March. It's been a long time since I was this excited over a new (as in never shown before) film of the classic era being shown on the channel.


And anything that I've read about this film has indicated that it is a pretty good film. Having just purchased and viewed The Big Parade last week, and, of course, loving the chemistry between its two stars, I look forward to seeing how effective John Gilbert and Renee Adoree are in this film together.


They were, of course, perfection in the King Vidor WWI classic, both giving such natural performances. I rather suspect that the subject matter of a costume melodrama like The Cossacks might not lead to the same kind of acting style by the two leads, but we shall see in March.


It will be great if you can come up with any new information on either the film or the print that will be shown, as I know you are a lover of all films silent.


I still avidly hope that one day TCM might broadcast the Thames Photoplay version of Valentino's The Eagle, long one of my favourite silent costume dramas and a film that would have been a great (and highly appropriate) double bill with The Cossacks.



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Did you buy the DVD or the Blu-ray of THE BIG PARADE? I purchased a copy of both. But only the Blu-ray edition has the beautiful 64 page illustrated booklet. With Text by Kevin Brownlow, and a reprint of the original 1925 Premiere Program herald. It is worth picking up the Blu-ray for the booklet alone if you don't have it. The DVD is a much more plain and generic packaging.


THE COSSACKS is a film that people either seem to love or hate. I happen to love it. TCM also airs Tod Browning's THE SHOW (1927) with Jack and Renee. as well as Lionel Barrymore. and it is on DVD-R from Warner Archive too, And Renee is in LA BOHEME (1926) as well with Gilbert and Gish. Also available through the archive label. MONTE CRISTO with Gilbert and Estelle Taylor is on DVD from Flicker Alley. A great film. Renee appears briefly. Of course they also have a Cameo in Marion Davies SHOW PEOPLE. The two films Renee made at Fox as Jack's leading lady HONOR FIRST (1922), and A MAN'S MATE (1924) are lost.


THE COSSACKS is the first new MGM Silent that has debuted on TCM since THE CIRCLE a couple years ago.


Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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gagman, I'm not into Blu-ray so I got the DVD version of Big Parade.


I've read that The Cossacks has some unexpectedly nasty moments in some torture scenes. That doesn't turn me off, however. There's a whale of a difference to watching 1928 "violence" as opposed to the stuff they do on the screen today.


I don't quite know why you say some people hate The Cossacks. If it's because it goes ludicrously over-the-top as romantic melodrama, that is no problem for me. I accept that as being quite typical of many silent adventures (the John Barrymore swashbucklers, for example, particularly one like When a Man Loves).


I have recordings of the films you named, and found Renee Adoree quite touching in The Show, while she doesn't have much of a chance to make an impression in La Boheme (in fact, I forgot she was even in it - tough the remember much else in a film when Lillian Gish is in such impressive form).


John Gilbert certainly had a remarkable run of films for a two year period - Merry Widow, followed by Big Parade, La Boheme and Flesh and the Devil (and Bardelys the Magnificent is no slouch as an entertainment either).


When it comes to wishfulment silents to see, I would particularly love to have a chance to view any of those florid Goldwyn romantic melodramas that starred Ronald Colman and Vilma Banky. I believe that Night of Love is still supposed to exist, though I'm not so certain about The Magic Flame (a few reels still existing?) or Two Lovers.

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So you believe that the listing was probably a mistake? Must confess I was was a little skeptical about rather the listing was correct myself.Like with WHAT PRICE GLORY? some years ago, eventually replaced by FOUR SONS. But TCM finally did run WPG about a year and a half later in November of 2011. So who knows?


I'm hoping that TCM will pick up the newly restored RAMONA (1928), since it is supposed to be getting a release from someone early in the new year. Haven't heard anything for awhile though. Probably since July or August.

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Jeff.... ask your programmer friend if this is truly scheduled or if it's just a mistake.....


And where is *The Barker*? Restored years ago......

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*THE BARKER* was restored in 2006. I'm also curious about *THE HOMEMAKER* since Kevin Brownlow raved about it so much. Restored at the same time. As were *HER WILD OAT,* and *BEGGARS OF LIFE.* And what happened to *ANNIE LAURIE?*


Did you see where there is a screening in L. A. of *THE PATENT LEATHER KID* on January 8th? My Birthday. Always wondering about *LILAC TIME*. Apparently all 11 reels have been located. Though not all the sound discs. Would like to know how far they have gotten with *SYNTHETIC SIN* and *WHY BE GOOD?* as well. It was a year ago when we saw that video of them working on the Vita-phone discs.

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All these restored films and they only show at "festivals" attended by a few hundred people. After the "festival" the restored film is then put back on a shelf to gather mummy dust. It's not right.


Where are the DVD releases for these films? And if there isn't enough interest in them to make DVD release commercially viable, then post them on Youtube so people can see them.


Rights issues for these old films is idiotic.

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