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Themes or storylines you don't care for.

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Are there certain themes or plotlines or subjects that you just refuse to watch in a film ?


This came to me because while looking at lists of top movies of all time. I noticed there are some I probably will never see. And I don't think I am alone...

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Great thread idea. For me, the first topic that came to my mind was war/battle films. Not because of however I feel about war in general, but because it's not a topic that's of interest to me (with the addition that modern war films are too violent for my taste).

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Uh-huh...any ol' storylines that has to do with Hobbits!




I-i-i-i HATES Hobbits! Them thare pointy-eared varmints gimme the CREEPS!!!




(...so, as you can probably now tell, I'm not that into anything that has to do with "Middle Earth" OR movies in the "Fantasy" genre in general)

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Number one for me is Holocaust/slavery films. I know what happened, I read all about it, heard people speak all about it etc... I like to watch films for entertainment purposes. This type of film doesn't entertain me.


It either makes me sad or angry and I am trying to relieve stress, not add to it. And I can't go back in time and do anything about it. So films like Schindler's List, Amistad might be great but, I'll never know because I will never see them.


Kidnapping is another theme I can do without. If the kids come back, its predictable. If they don't, I am depressed. Its a no win for me.

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Well, okay. I suppose I DO have to admit I often go into "fantasy mode" whenever I watch a movie starring AVA GARDNER!!!


(...though because this here website has rules about such things, I of course can't go into detail about those "fantasies") ;)



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I hate "home invasion" movies, where some criminals take over some nice family's home, or hold someone hostage, or tie up someone.


Also, I dislike films where someone is trapped and is going to die all during the movie, but he is saved at the last minute.


And why is it, during EVERY stalking movie, when some crazy guy is stalking some pretty and famous actress, she somehow winds up on a deserted street alone late at night? Why doesn't she just check into a hotel and have a couple of armed friends stay with her .


And why in CAPE FEAR, does the family hide out in THE WORST PLACE POSSIBLE, on a houseboat alone along some deserted river?

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Hmmmm...and here I had MY money on Fred here not likin' any movie which took place in time after Louis B. Mayer bit the dust...NOT counting any movies made while Louis was still alive but placed in the future, of course.


(...I wonder if they'll let me go double-or-nothin' on the next round so I can win my money back???)

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Any thing like this that degrades and lowers the IQ of the human race. We don't have a chance do we? (end of mankind as we know it). :(




Any dull BORING movie with no substance that will put one in a coma.

Kill me now and end my suffering. SmileySuicide.gif



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Any movies that feature rape, child abuse, animal abuse, torture... These are just not topics I care to watch films about.


Typical horror movie storylines where a family moves into a creepy house or there's a creepy neighbor or whatever who ends up inevitably attacking the prettiest woman/girl in the movie and she ends up running in the dark outside in the rain. Or, the pretty woman/girl hears a scary sound and of course goes to investigate instead of getting out of the creepy house.


The stereotypical rom-com storyline (there are a handful that for whatever reason, I find entertaining enough to not annoy me. I consider these guilty pleasures): 1) Boy meets girl; 2) boy and girl hate each other at first -or- boy and girl fall for each other but then end up breaking up because he or she finds out something negative about the other; 3) boy or girl are going to accept a job out of the city/state/country to get away from their relationship gone awry; 4) boy or girl (whichever isn't moving) realizes that they love the other and then race to the airport/taxi/etc. that the other is in (on their way to their new opportunity and thus out of the other's life forever); 5) Boy and girl reunite at the last possible moment and embrace. Happily ever after.

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I can take most any type of movie, with a few exceptions:


Movies with priests as avuncular figures. Movies with singing priests or nuns. Movies with priests who continually nag honest gangsters.


(Movies with priests as resistance fighters are okay, however. And DeNiro's priest in Sleepers was a standup guy.)


Superhero movies, especially those featuring "heroes" on steroids.


Fantasy movies, especially those involving witches, fairies or elves.


Any animated movie made in any style not reminiscent of a vintage Donald Duck cartoon. And any animated movie with singing.


Swashbucklers of every conceivable type.


Costume dramas not written by Shakespeare.


Movies where the Breen Code ruins the last two minutes with impossibly contrived endings.


Movies with fancy dress balls.


Beach party movies.


Any Elvis Presley, Bob Hope, or Bing Crosby movies.


Movies drowned in phony southern or hillbilly accents by actors who've never been east of Hollywood or south of Connecticut.


Sloppy sentimental movies about Ireland and / or Irishmen, especially those with saccharine soundtracks.


Other than those few exceptions, I'm easy. :)

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>Any thing like this that degrades and lowers the IQ of the human race. We don't have a chance do we? (end of mankind as we know it).


Which reminds me. I don't really care for dumb pot movies. Now Reefer Madness type stuff is historic in that is shows the attitudes in a by gone era.


But, Cheech and Chong were thirty years ago. That's enough for me. Don't need anymore of it.

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Vampires. Zombies. Vampire zombies. Zombie vampires. Paranormal anything. And yeah, slavery and holocaust. Street gangs and any movie promoting ethnic superiority( Irish, Latino, black, Italian, etc.). Or ANY superiority( cops, firemen, fishermen, steel workers, auto workers etc.). Dance movies, rap movies, cheerleading movies( except those "Cheerleaders" movies from the '70's ;) ) Teen angst, "The parents are never wrong", "The parents are never right"; Sci-Fi movies where the technicalogically superior race lives in caves and dresses like Capuchin monks, or the evil race dresses like bikers with dreadlocks.



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Other than "Dark Victory" I avoid death trip movies and most movies where much of the action takes place in hospitals.


I could do without 90% of all slasher movies and for sure anything with Saw in the title.


Spare me the so called Biblical epics. I watched "The Robe" for the first time yesterday. Burton and Jean Simmons smiling as they waked to their death at the end made me gag.

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