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please help


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I am trying to help my grandfather find a movie that he saw when he was younger. I think it was in the 1940's. It had Rory Calhoun in it and he remembers that a girl was dancing on a table. Maybe some Hispanic influences? He thought maybe the girl was Hispanic. He also said that it was made in Technicolor and thought that it was one of the first movies made in Technicolor. That's all the info I have. thank you!


also, does anyone know how I would find out what movies someone did the wardrobe for back in the 40's?

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Are you familiar with the Internet Movie Database (IMDB)? Many of your questions can be answered there. Although I don't know the Rory Calhoun movie of which you speak, here are a list of his films:




Similarly, you can go to imdb.com and put in the name of the costume designer you are interested in.


This is all very general -- hope it helps! Someone else may have more specific information about the film you seek.

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That trailer link froze up on me about 3 times when I clicked on the words of the title. It started a commercial, then froze up 3 times.


I finally clicked on the picture, and it started and ran ok, with no commercial.


Also, I often click on my IE8 TOOLS, then I click on DELETE BROWSING HISTORY, then I click on DELETE TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES and HISTORY.


Sometimes that helps.

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