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HELP!Name of artist and song (pretty please)


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i'm dying to know this as well!!!


you're talking about the tribute montage to the actors, etc who passed away this year, right? i've seen it a few times recently.


it's a beautiful song with a great, sentimental lyric. i don't think it's an original--it sounds like a cover or maybe a re-working of an older song? she has a great, sweet voice but it's not Nora of course.


someone's got to know this.


thank you


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I don't know the song however it was perfect for the tribute to those who passed away in 2002. Sadly we were reminded of such talents as Eileen Heckart who was so good in "The Bad Seed" and "Butterflies are Free"; Jack Krushen the neighbor in "The Apartment"; Lawrence Tierney the bad boy we loved to hate; James Coburn and Brad Dexter two of "The Magnificent Seven"; The one and only Rod Steiger; Harold Russell so poignant in "The Best Years of our Lives" and so many others.

I just wish they had a place for B-movie blonde bombshell Adele Jergens who died in her 80's a month or so ago.

In any event these stars will always be remembered as long as the projectors keep rolling.

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I knew it was Sinatra from some time ago:

Track Title: Cycles



Prime Artist: Frank Sinatra

Written by: Gayle Caldwell




So I'm down and so I'm out

But so are many others

So I feel like tryin' to hide

My head 'neath these covers

Life is like the seasons

After winter comes the spring

So I'll keep this smile awhile

And see what tomorrow brings


I've been told and I believe

That life is meant for livin'

And even when my chips are low

There's still some left for givin'

I've been many places

Maybe not as far as you

So I think I'll stay awhile

And see if some dreams come true


There isn't much that I have learned

Through all my foolish years

Except that life keeps runnin' in cycles

First there's laughter, then those tears


But I'll keep my head up high

Although I'm kinda tired

My gal just up and left last week

Friday I got fired

You know it's almost funny

But things can't get worse than now

So I'll keep on tryin' to sing

But please, just don't ask me how



Transcribed by Ron Hontz




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