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Here is the Voting Thread for Challenge #24. It was difficult cutting and pasting all the schedules from the competition post! In the end I did not go back and add all the bolding, etc., that some of the entrants used. Note that two of the entrants -- Remy_Orpen and ThomErnstTVO did not provide the optional program notes. Also, since Countess Delave recused herself from the voting/contest, since she has won twice and wanted to give someone else a chance, I did not include her schedule here. Do have a look at her excellent schedule in the original Challenge thread. (I didn't want to diminish the ultimate victor by having voters say, "well, I would have voted for the Countess, but since she took herself out of the running, etc., etc...)


Contestants: please make sure I got your stuff right. This particularly applies to the two contestants who changed/updated their entries.


Any questions, complaints, PM me. Voting begins right now and concludes on Sunday, January 12 at 11PM EST. I've given a little extra time, since there's alot of material to get through.


You are eligible to vote if you were a registered member of this forum as of October 1, 2013; or if you entered the Challenge. Cast your vote in this thread, please. If you prefer to vote privately, PM me, though it's best to vote publicly.

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I believe I have commented on all of the schedules in the original thread except for these two:


lydecker -

I like this schedule very much! I believe TCM will or should have George Brent as Star of the Month very soon. It is obvious on this forum that there is much interest in him. I liked in particular your themes of: Spies of the Female Persuasion and: The Help


countessdelave -

I was hoping that you would create a schedule for us as yours are always wonderful and you did not disappoint this time. Merle Oberon is one of my favorite actresses and you choose some of her best. I like the tributes to William Faulkner and John Harkrider. Your have sprinkled many of my favorite movies throughout your schedule.


I thank Swithin for his hard work hosting this Challenge! I believe the only bright spot of hosting is being excused from having to select one only for which to vote.


I feel these are all wonderful schedules and I do very much hope that TCM Programmers are poised to steal many of the themes and ideas.


It is not easy to make choice between all of these but my vote goes to:

*Lonesome Polecat* When it is a difficult choice I fall back to the standard of which schedule has the most movies which I like and want to watch again soon.


I give congratulations to all who entered!

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Thanks for the vote! Wait, it's my turn now?


ACK! It's so tough. So many great schedules I wish I wrote with great ideas I hope TCM steals and fantastic movies I'd love to watch right now. I'm glad countess took herself out of the running so as to make it a little easier to choose, though it doesn't help too much. But I gotta say my vote goes to the on I wish I wrote the most, which in this case is




for 1) doing a VE day tribute about the Resistance (seriously, those guys are my heroes),

2) choosing an SOTM & an ESSENTIAL I've never even heard of (by all means, let's bring to light those we don't hear about),

3) doing the America challenge about immigrants (because that's what makes America great--out diversity)

4) creating your own "DVD box sets"

5) Bergman's Stock Company in English (BRILLIANT!)

6) Highlighting bunches of great actors like Audrey & Burt & Ida Lupino

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I'm going to throw my support behind Lydecker.


Give me George Brent anyday - and Aline MacMahon. Overall, I thought it was a well-balanced schedule, similar to what we might really see during one week on TCM. I know that this is something of an exercise in "trying to be creative" but I thought Lydecker's schedule hewed to what we'd like to see on TCM. The Ralph Bellamy thing is funny -- and had never occurred to me before. And "Ten North Frederick?" One of my favorite weepers of all time! Bravo!

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A lot to love about all of these schedules and amazing how little crossover there is on topics and stars.



Lots that I like here but my favorite topic has to be the celebration of amoral behavior even by nice people! Very clever.



You and I were thinking alike. I started my schedule with a salute

to Ida Lupino and Jane Wyman but shifted gears after I saw that you

had already done so. Love Ida Lupino! Resistance and collaboration was an inspired topic (some of my favorite movies ever) and I appreciated the "Second Looks" group of films.



Any schedule which includes femme fatales, George Cukor and Valley of the Dolls works for me.



Loved, loved your schedule -- just a few highlights included:

Character actresses doing comedy, Teetotalers and Imbibers

along with a great salute to a behind the scenes great, John Harkrider.



Great SOTM (Edward G.) along with the Bernard Hermann salute.



Robert Sherwood is an inspired choice and I loved your TCM Underground pix as well as the surveillance films.


Loved them all but finally I narrowed my choice of a schedule down to either Feyda's or Lonesome Polecat's. Feyda's brilliant idea to make his topics mirror the nonstop cranky chatter on the message board was amazing. What fun and what a grand idea. But in the end, I have to cast my vote for Lonesome Polecat's schedule -- Such a winner! You had me at "Franchot Tone" but I also knew I would love a week on TCM which programmed "Big Losers of '39," "The Ad Game," 50th Anniversary of Jeopardy and "They lived happily ever after . . . or did they?" Great job!



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They're all great schedules. All of you should be proud of your work. You know the heart and soul of TCM, and your schedules reflect that. Bravo!


Countessdelave bowing out made choosing one a little easier (but not by much).


They say great minds think alike (at least in my house (if I know what's good for me)), so my vote goes to

LONESOME POLECAT for much the same reason SansFin said.


Thanks to Swithin for setting a great challenge and running it. (Quick hint: if you copy a schedule from the source page, it retains the formatting.) Did you know you have to cast the deciding vote if there's a tie?

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Finally, decided who to cast my vote for and... I want to commend "all" of you for all your hard work, really admirable! That being said, I've gone with

*Lydecker's* schedule because of his Tuesday afternoon line-up (*The* *Mind Reader, Thirteen Women,Blithe Spirit* and **Family Plot**) wow.


I really would stay home all day to watch those one after the other!

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There are some great schedules here. It was hard to choose one. Here are some highlights from each of the submitted schedules:


*Lonesome Polecat*: I really loved your Disneyland tribute, 4F Club, National Parks Service and especially your SOTM Franchot Tone.


*Fedya*; I always laugh while reading your clever schedules. Lambada and The Jazz Singer (1980) got me. Rod Taylor as your SOTM is perfect for your week's overall theme.


*Kingrat*: I want to buy that Ida Lupino Collection of yours. Love it and the Second Looks theme, Bergman Stock Company, and your patriotic theme. I thought that your choice of Hold Back the Dawn and The Emigrants was perfect for the later theme. Fantastic schedule, as always.


*Lydecker*: I love your TCM Underground choice of Queen of Outer Space. You had many excellent themes like Aline MacMahon, Female Spies, and Anniversary of the Panama Canal. George Brent would be a very good SOTM. I'm sure many on the message boards would agree.


*Skimpole*: I love Jean Gabin as SOTM. No argument from me. Fanny and Alexander is an excellent Essential and Fig Leaves is a fantastic choice for the Silent. Wonderful job.


*Obrienmundy*: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as The Essential is brilliant. Betty Grable would be a wonderful SOTM. I think we're all hoping for that some day, when enough of her Fox films can be borrowed. An evening of Mae West, with all of those films that you programmed would make me want to sit in front of the television for hours. Congrats on your first schedule!


*Remy_orpen*: All of those Bernard Herrmann scores, George Sanders films and Victor Seastrom definitely appeal to me. A great job and we hope to see more of you. I would really like to see you include your notes in the future. It really helps everyone see how you formed your ideas and any little nuances you want all of us to know.


*Thomernsttvo*: Alec Guinness is always great. When will he be SOTM on TCM? Robert E. Sherwood was a prolific screenwriter and a wonderful subject for a film lineup. I especially liked your theme of the Other Master of Suspense: Henri-Georges Clouzot. Kudos on your first schedule and I say ditto what I wrote to Remy about including notes. We get to know you a little better and can appreciate a fine schedule even more.


I finally got the choice down to two and I went back and forth over and over. My vote for this Challenge goes to Lonesome Polecat.

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Everyone had terrific schedules! This is always the hardest part of the challenge, the voting. It is never easy and this one is no different.


That said, after much thought, back and forth debating in my head, my vote goes to Fedya. I can't recall a schedule that has made me smile more while imagining it on the channel!

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Good Monday morning to you all! Here are the results of the voting for Challenge #24 (11 votes cast):


Lonesome Polecat: 4 votes

Fedya: 2 votes

Kingrat: 2 votes

Lydecker: 2 votes

Remy_Orpen: 1 vote

Obrienmundy, Skimpole, ThomErnst: 0 votes


And so the winner: *Lonesome Polecat*!


The schedules were all great; thanks to all the entrants. Every schedule was a winner. Lonesome Polecat will set Challenge #25 in a few months time.

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