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YouTube: Early TV Shows with famous Movie Stars


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Please feel free to post your own YouTube links to this thread.


*Early TV Shows with famous Movie Stars in them.*


If you want to start your own YouTube thread for other kinds of films, please do so.


That way we can have something to watch when a repeat movie is airing on TCM, so we won't argue so much about repeat movies. :P

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Thanks Geminigirl. Happy New Year! :P


Here is the great Audrey Totter in:


Alfred Hitchcock Presents S05E24, 1960:


"Madame Mystery"


She doesn't show up until about 13 minutes into this episode, and she departs at about 19 minutes in. It's Audrey as you have never seen her before.



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"The Lucy Show" with John Wayne.



One of the most famous "I Love Lucy" with George Reeves (Superman).



"Twilight Zone" with Charles Bronson



"Twilight Zone" with Robert Duvall



"Twilight Zone" with Robert Redford



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Sorry folks, but I couldn't find on YouTube a kinescope of the broadcast when Errol Flynn guest starred with Sid Caesar on the old "Your Show Of Shows".


(...however, rumor has it there was a very funny re-creation of this whole thing done in the early-'80s, and starring some other famous actor who's just died!) ;)

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TALES OF TOMORROW (TV, Christmas show, Dec. 26, 1952)


*The Bitter Storm, starring Joanne Woodward*




A kinescope of a live TV play.


A kinescope is a 16mm film of a high-quality TV screen, filmed as the show is broadcast live. 3 live TV cameras are used to shoot the scenes. When one scene is being shot, the other two TV cameras are either stationary or they are moving into their next positions.


All big cities that were located along the big high-band telephone company TV cable, showed these programs live (such as New York, Washington, Boston, Philidelphia, Chicago, etc.). But other cities, such as in the South, Mid-West, and Far West, had to air the kinescopes of these shows one week later. The telephone cable gradually branched out and expanded into all areas of the US by the mid-to late-1950s.


I recall that Mobile, Ala, received its first live cable connection in late 1953. Before then, our local NBC station could not show the TODAY SHOW, since it was a live news program, and TV stations not on the cable couldn?t show it on kinescope one week too late, so we just didn't receive it at all until the big cable was connected in 1953..

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>Sorry folks, but I couldn't find on YouTube a kinescope of the broadcast when Errol Flynn guest starred with Sid Caesar on the old "Your Show Of Shows".


There's a good reason for that, Dargo. Mel Brooks myth aside, there is no solid evidence that Errol ever appeared on the show.


Here's a link to an old thread on the subject. The Movie Professor had a lot of interesting facts and theories on the subject.



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Thank you, Tom and clore, for sheading more light upon the Errol Flynn/Sid Caesar connection here.


And yes, because Wiki says the following in Mel Brooks' bio:


"Caesar then created 'Caesar's Hour' with most of the same cast and writers (including Brooks and adding Larry Gelbart). Caesar's Hour ran from 1954 until 1957."


...this tends to support the idea that IF Flynn had appeared with Caesar on television starring the latter, then it would have been on the 'Caesar's Hour' program.


(...say, maybe this is why the timeframe in "My Favorite Year" is dated "1954", and the TV show 'Alan Swann' is to guest-star on is titled the 'King Kaiser Hour' and not any derivative of the title 'Your Show of Shows'?)

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Watching some old shows on METV and other channels is rich with this sort of stuff. In the '50's to mid '60's and maybe later, many TV shows had appearances of famous actors/actresses from the '30's and '40's( and earlier) at the ends of their careers, and glimpses of yet to be "stars" early in their tenure.


I've seen "Combat" episodes with a range from Leonard Nimoy, Tom Skerrit, Rip Torn and Robert Duval to Ramon Navarro and Diana Dors. The same goes for "Twilight Zone", "Alfred Hitchcock"( in which I caught Bruce Dern early on, and Teresa Wright late in career), "Perry Mason", "The Untouchables" and "Thriller".


Here's a "quantum leap" sort of thing...Early yeasterday, my wife and I watched a mid-2000's episode of :Law and Order-SVU" that had an aged Barbara Barrie in the cast. Later last night, we saw an "Untouchables" episode that ALSO had Ms. Barrie, much younger, make an appearance. With Richard Conte.


This sort of thing is WHY I like to watch some of these old shows.



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