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Great Old Movies Today! Yay!


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I'm watching every one I can. I even woke up in the middle of the night to watch a couple.


Many of these film cover a lot of social, cultural, family, and business issues and I find them remarkably up to date.


I'm watching a beautiful and conniving Karen Morley right now trying to seduce an old Senator Lionel Barrymore. He knows she is a worldly-wise temptress and woman of affairs, and he is trying to resist her charms..... but her charms are really very charming and difficult to resist. This is a story that certainly applies to Washington, DC politics today. We hear this type of stuff on the news all the time, about younger agressive women seducing older Congressmen.

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>You watch enough of these in a row, you begin to believe it really is still 1936.


Yes, that is so true. I'm afraid to open my front door today. One of my friends called me yesterday and told me it is now the year 2014 outside, and I'd rather be in 1936 with Karen Morley and Lionel Barrymore. :)


I think Lionel was at his absolute best in his earliest sound films. I don't care much for the grumpy old man he eventually became in movies when he got older and when he seemed to always be playing the same roll as an Old Man Potter type.


In Washington Masquerade (1932), these sneaky conniving Washington politicians and the harlot-type young women are EXACTLY just like many of the DC politicians and their girlfriends are today, and these old films portray them in the most perfect and realistic way, as being sneaky money-grubbing liars and snakes (both the women and the men). And I love the way that the two major political parties are never specifically mentioned in most of these old films, since both parties are often equally guilty by have these crooked types of politicians working inside them.


Also, in this film, what Barrymore is going through with beautiful Karen Morley is EXACTLY what many old men today go through when a beautiful and conniving young vamp goes after him for political or financial reasons. He refuses to recognize that he is being tricked.


What adults in the audience know is that this is the result of a revival of sex in his life that is blinding him to the truth. This phenomenon of a revival of sex in an old man is fairly common in the real and modern world, especially if he is rich and powerful, and the girl is young and beautiful. And again I say that this 1932 film is as modern today and it applies universally to human life throughout all of history, where beautiful young aggressive women have pursued rich and powerful old men.

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