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most prolific partnerships in the talkie era??


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Sondra Locke did 6 films with Eastwood; surely not a record but still.,,


Bob Hope- Bing Crosby , Diane Keaton-Woody Allen, Rogers-Astaire


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Are you making up the rules as you go along?


Ok, I see your point, but if equal status The Three Stooges is the likely winner. Of course, than you're tell me that short films don't count!


Why can't you just let me win!!!!


But really, if equal status, I don't think any malemale or femalefemale 'teams' would qualify since, if those stars were alive today neither one would say they were equal.


So then we are back to pairings like PowellLoy.

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Even though they only made four films together,


I'd say that Bogie and Bacall were definitely one of the most famous and beloved, maybe as much as Tracy/Hepburn, Powell/Loy and Flynn/De Havilland.


I think there is also a difference between prolific partnerships (or groups) and actors who happened to appear in a lot of films together.


For example, Flynn/De Havilland would be a much more prolific partnership than Errol Flynn and Alan Hale even though they appeared in more films together. A Flynn/De Havilland marquee would bring a lot more filmgoers than a Flynn/Hale marquee.


But then groups like The Three Stooges, The Marx Brothers and the Rat Pack, I'm not sure where they'd fit in.


I think we could also look at prolific partnerships in different ways, like partnership of actor & director, movies that were co-directed and things like that.


For example:

Bogart and John Huston

John Wayne and John Ford

Martin Scorsese and Robert DeNiro

Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio

Alfred Hitchcock and Cary Grant

Alfred Hitchcock and Grace Kelly

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp

Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly

Judy Garland and Vincent Minnelli

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Well my favorite parings would be FlynnDeHavilland and PowellLoy.


Anyhow, I understand the point you're making here. With the studio system and the contract players, there are a lot of common parings of stars with supporting players like your FlynnHale example (which is why I mentioned CagneyMcHugh).


Another prolific pairing I'm really starting to get into is GableCrawford (but don't worry, I'm will not keep pushing this point on you after this!).


Are you a fan of the Speed Racer Cartoon? I loved that show back in the day. My mom is from Japan so I had my relatives send me a lot of neat SR stuff that one couldn't get in the US.

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Thanks. I wasn't aware that there was a Gable/Crawford pairing! I recorded "Dancing Lady," so hopefully that won't disappoint when I get around to watching it.


In regard to star/supporting player partnerships, I'm curious if this was just coincidence that the two actors were cast together or whether studios found that the pairings were lucrative. Were Flynn/Hale and/or Flynn/Hale/Williams seen as a moneymaking group? Or was it Flynn that specifically requested these actors to be his cohorts in his films? Did studios notice that these actors worked well together?


I can imagine that back then, screenplays were either written or purchased with specific actors in mind. Since the actors were employees of the studio and not freelance, it was probably not difficult to ensure that these actors were available to make this film. Occasionally, a star would refuse to make a film and were suspended or what not as punishment. I would also imagine that sometimes the more prolific character actors were also envisioned for specific roles.


Other than that though, I envision producers and casting departments landing the leading star roles first, supporting star roles (lesser stars or even major character actors), landing any desired character actors second, then casting other random actors to fill in the remaining roles.


Re: my user name. I have to admit that I haven't really seen any episodes of the cartoon. I have heard the theme song, which I enjoyed and for whatever reason, I have appropriated the name and used it as my user name.

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