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Can anyone tell me what movie this image is from?


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It's weird that it's got the "28 Days of Oscar" in the upper right corner.


I think it's always been called the "31 Days of Oscar" because back before the Academy moved the ceremony up, TCM celebrated the Oscars originally in March (the ceremony was traditionally held the last Monday of March or sometimes early April) and March has 31 days.


That's why now that the Academy celebrates in February, TCM does as well and because February is a short month, the extra days spill over into the first week of March.


I wonder if it's from one of the overseas broadcasts of TCM?

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Yes, I thought the same thing and also that it would have been shown in the month of Feb. Lynn, is there a way to find out when *Uncertain Glory* was aired on TCM? Maybe that way be can solve the mystery of 28 Days of Oscar. Speedracer, did you watch 28 Days of Oscar in the USA? Thanks, Lynn, oh and good work Kid

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It aired on June 20th, 2002 as part of birthday tribute to TCM and again in 2003 on that date. (according to google).


According to a thread over at the Silver Screen Oasis, the film aired on May 13th, 2008.


The film played on Aug. 7th, 2010 as part of Errol's SUTS day and the trailer was added to TCM's Media Room on April 15, 2011. (according to google)


And according to Google, it also aired on January 19, 2012 as part of an all day tribute to cinematographer Jack Cardiff.


And it looks like it ran TCM Philippines on June 2, 2013 and TCM Canada on Nov. 29th, 2013.


But I can't find anything via the Google for it airing during one of the Oscar celebrations.


The Academy moved the Oscars celebration to February in 2004 (in non-Olympic years).

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Yes. Thank you, Lynn :)


I couldn't find a thing on 28 Days of Oscar.. other than some quotes in interviews relating to the number of days in February - how ".. 28 days just isn't enough..".


Maybe the source was a DVD screen cap and the person added their own TCM "bug"... ?

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First off, Speedracer5 is a "she" not a "he." This is important to note as to how and why I came across this picture, because frankly, it's ridiculous. I have no idea when the 28 Days of Oscar was and have no recollection of watching it.


A few months ago, I first became acquainted with Mr. Flynn. I had heard of him, but for some reason had never seen his films or really had any idea what he looked like outside of pictures I'd seen of the Adventures of Robin Hood poster.


Well, I saw "The Adventures of Robin Hood" in the theater and am now completely enamored with Errol. I've watched a bunch of his films, acquired quite a few on DVD and made a point of recording them on TCM. I'm even reading his autobiography "My Wicked Wicked Ways" right now.


I was googling pictures of Errol on the internet and came across the photo that some girl had posted on her tumblr blog with the title: "The Sexiest photos of Errol Flynn in honor of his 104th birthday." That image was one of the images linked and I thought it was amazing. I just wanted to know what movie it was from so that I could watch it and swoon.


I really need a time machine so that I can go back and meet Errol in his prime. I wouldn't turn him down for a date ;-)


Sorry that my answer wasn't more intellectual. Haha.


UPDATE: OMG, I just looked and "Uncertain Glory" is part of the Errol Flynn Adventures box set that I have! I know what I'll be doing tonight!


Edited by: speedracer5 on Jan 4, 2014 8:50 PM

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Woah! I wasn't trying to have an attitude. All I was trying to do was let someone know that I was a girl and not a guy as to explain why I was asking in the first place and to explain that I wasn't the one who created the initial screen shot.


I'm sorry that I forgot to explicitly thank the person who identified the film. I didn't think I was being rude and ungrateful since the amount of enthusiasm I displayed in my response would have implied how appreciative I am.


Thank you to Kid_Dabb for identifying the movie for me I sincerely appreciate it. I am also happy to know that I own the movie and can watch it.


EDIT: Perhaps my use of the words "First off" when correcting my gender conveyed some sort of attitude. That was definitely not my intent. I apologize if it sounded like I was somehow offended by being referred to as a "he." That wasn't the case. I was clarifying in order to answer the questions asked of me.


Edited by: speedracer5 on Jan 4, 2014 9:51 PM

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>This is important to note as to how and why I came across this picture, because frankly, it's ridiculous. I have no idea when the 28 Days of Oscar was and have no recollection of watching it.


The thing that threw us long time viewers of TCM is that there is not an event theme called "28 Days of Oscar*. There is one called *The 31 Days of Oscar*.


But the three day discrepancy raised a few red flags. Since there is no event theme by the name on bug in the upper right hand corner and once Kid identified the movie, we tried to determine when it aired on TCM thinking that might be helpful.


The biggest help was Kid identifying the movie. I think whoever theorized that someone either grabbed the screencap from recording or DVD and added the "28 Days of Oscar" is probably correct.


As February usually only has 28 days (except for leap years), it is not unusual for viewers unfamiliar with TCM programming (like the Tumblr user who posted the picture) to think that the Oscar celebration only lasts the month of February and not realize that it extends for three days into March.


Either way, we were just trying to be helpful. It's not always easy to determine gender based on an online message board moniker so please don't take offense that some of us misidentified you.


All we really wanted to do was try to be of help and give you as much info as we could find.


Welcome to the boards, by the way.

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Thank you. I am sorry that I came across as offended or upset that I was identified as male. That wasn't my intent. I was merely correcting a pronoun and in no way trying to cop an attitude. I can see how "speedracer" could be construed as male, seeing that it's a male character from a cartoon. My phrasing in the beginning of my response came across poorly.


I apologize.


I do not know why someone would even bother adding a TCM graphic in the corner of the screen. That seems pointless. The whole point of the image was Errol Flynn, I don't think anyone would care where the image came from. I googled "TCM 28 days of Oscar" and variants of that theme and came up with nothing-- so I asked the message board after seeing how knowledgeable everyone seemed.


For the record, I am currently watching the film that was identified and saw the moment in the film when the screen clip was captured. It was magic.

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