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Recorded this back in August and just now got around to watching it. I had seen it many loooong years ago as a teen and loved it but had several questions after revisiting it.


It's a strangely disjointed film. Of course, the patriotism and war propaganda are laid on with a trowel and Fontaine reaches a nearly hysterical pitch in her paean to the glory of England.


But underneath that is an intense love story. Power and Fontaine have pretty sizzling chemistry and both were never more beautiful. I love the symbolism of them meeting each other in the dark and "coming into the light of knowing each other."


Except the first part of the film is so much from Pru's POV that I don't feel that we get to know Clive well enough. We don't get to know him through her except for some vague anger towards the upper classes.


But he speaks well and it is pointed out by Thomas Mitchell's character that he was well-educated. So what is his background? Where did he come from? We know all about Pru's background and family and how that drove her choices and her development as a person. But Clive remained a cipher. Has anyone read the book? Does it provide more background on Clive?


Also, where the heck did he get the money for that swanky hotel he dragged her off to? And why would she agree to marry someone who was probably headed to prison and if not prison, was displaying some pretty unstable tendencies? I get that they had this great passion, so maybe I'm just being too practical and motherly. If she were MY daughter...


Also also, they talk at the end as if he was going back into the army but wouldn't a man with a skull fracture pretty much have been permanently invalided out?


All in all, a bit of a mess for me but boy, wasn't everyone so pretty?

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