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Any Twilight Zone Fans?


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Some stations that show Film Noir show The Twilight Zones.My personal favorite is The Hitch Hiker(1960)with Inger Stevens and the very sinister Leonard Srong.(This was originally a radio show with Orson Wells).

Whats your favorite Twilight Zone episode?

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Some were pretty marginal, but so many were remarkably good that they are never not fun to watch.

I always thought the one with Barbara Nichols -with the haunting line "Room for one more, honey." was especially creepy with a theme similar to The Hitchhiker, just a little less often cited.

"The Eye of the Beholder" is another fave.

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I've been a fan of The Twilight Zone since I was about14 (I'm 45 now), and have all the DVDs. Here is my Top 10, in no order after the first 2:


1) Walking Distance

2) A Stop at Willoughby


3) The Dummy (brilliantly made, it should have the warning label, "may cause nightmares")

4) The Passersby

5) Death Ship (one of the hour-long episodes)

6) Death's Head Revisited

7) Living Doll

8) An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (not a TZ ep but it was featured on the show)

9) The Grave

10) The Jungle


(But as I scroll through the total list of episodes, I see it's really impossible to list just 10. Well, this is a start!)

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I saw a great one that involved a swimming pool and the little girl from "To Kill a Mockingbird." The kids' parents were always bickering, so the kids would dive into the pool and end up in this home of this old woman who would give them treats and such. Meanwhile, the parents, after realizing that their kids haven't come up to the surface of the pool yet start worrying.


The only bad thing about this episode is they had some weird voice dubbing over the little girl for the episode and it didn't make any sense because the voice wasn't really a child voice or an adult voice. It was obvious that it was the voice of an adult trying to sound like a child. I don't know what Rod Sterling was thinking when he approved that.

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*Some of the one-hour episodes were of lesser quality.*


I agree that Season 4 was the weakest, but one episode of the hour-longs that was really frightening ("underrated", to use the current message board buzzword) was called "The New Exhibit", with Martin Landau as a wax museum employee who finds out that the owner is closing the business. Upset, he takes home wax figures of famous murderers to take care of them as his own... The writers could have made a good horror film out of it. Well done.

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The Time Element(1958)First shown on Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse.William Bendix shows up from the future on DEC 7 1941 at Pearl Harbor to warn everyone of the attack.Needless to say,everone thinks hes insane.

Good cast,Martin Balsam,Darryl Hickman,Jesse White,Alan Baxter,Don Keefer,and Joe Derita.

Don't Miss.

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