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Kinda, sorta fits - radio classics...


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Well it fits for me. Entertainment of yester-year soothes my overly bombarded senses in this age of technology. Anyone have XM Radio? We recently got it and utilized it on a cross-country drive. Among the 100+ channels of commercial free programming is one called "Radio Classics". Description from the site follows:


The Golden Age of Radio


The passionate voices and chilling sound effects take you back to another age. Experience the audio magic of legendary old time radio dramas, mysteries, comedies and variety programs.


Who's on first? Well, we've got the likes of the genius comedy routine of Abbott & Costello.


You can join the nostalgic experience of the greatest comedy team of George Burns and Gracie Allen. These former vaudevillians, whether onstage or off - played it for love, for laughs and always for keeps. Or there's Jack. . .Jack became one of the biggest names in radio with The Jell-O Program starring Jack Benny. For thirty minutes, each Sunday night at seven o'clock, Jack and his gang of regulars would hit the airwaves with "their version" of current films, with a bit of music, and always with lots of laughter.


And we can't forget about Dragnet, first heard in June 1949, on NBC.


Everything from classic murder mysteries, radio noir, and historical dramas to comedies, thrillers and science fiction. You'll paint a picture of the characters, we'll provide the dialogues and set the stage.


Experience it again, or for the very first time, on RadioClassics.


What made me think to share this here was the Wednesday, 6-15-05 airing (2 pm Eastern) of an old Lux Radio Theatre adaptation of "Morocco" (1930) entitled "The Legionnaire and the Lady" (1936) - starring Clark Gable and Marlene Dietrich.


If you do have XM Radio check out the channel listings online and if you don't have it you may want to check into it... they do mention something about a free trial (some channels are available online). Not sure about blatantly sharing the link to the site for this particular thing so I'll just say it's easy enough to find by putting the typical dot com behind the obvious.


:-) Hope someone enjoys these old radio programs along with me! And, I apologize in advance if mentioning this here is out of line considering it's not programming on TCM.


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how old time radio is out of line for this site, considering that it starred many of the same performers who were in films of the classic era, so is just a peripheral topic in essence.


I do not have XM Radio, but for those who have iTunes, I sometimes get into the area called Talk/Spoken Word streams, and there are at least three great broadcasts there which showcase so many great shows from the classic radio days, and they are:


ACB Radio Treasure-Trove 16 kbps The best in classic radio drama and comedy, from the American Council of the Blind


AM 1710 Antioch 22 kbps Old-time Radio Shows station


Mystery Play I-Radio 16 kbps Your #1 station for old time radio


I have listened to versions of some Lucille Fletcher plays, and they are always spine tingling.


Thanks for the XM Radio info, Itsart2too which I most appreciated!

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