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Which Actors SCARE You The Most?

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Thanks for the tale, Gorch. Nice to know that scary Leo could be scared himself. (Not that I blame him in the least for that particular incident. He had more courage than I would by going up those 6 inch wide steps in the first place).

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Looks as if my mention of big bad Leo in that John Wayne thread has inspired you to start yet another great idea for a thread topic, Tom. ;)


I've been out all day today and just now have gone through this entire thread, and I have to say I think all the responses have been quite fun to read in this baby.


Btw, re Leo Gordon, I believe it was Mr.Roberts who mentioned earlier that his life story is quite an interesting read. However, I've found it quite interesting that he was married for 50 years to the same woman, the beautiful brunette B-movie actress Lynn Cartwright...one of the 'Venusian women' in "Queen of Outer Space", and after years in hiatus from acting while raising their daughter, her final role being as the elder Dotty character as played in flashback by Geena Davis in "A League of Their Own".


And so, while Leo may have had an intimidating presence on AND off the screen, it appears after his initial run-ins with the law in his youth, he must have become quite the 'Regular Joe' as he matured, and possibly as witnessed by the fact that one woman could be his wife for half a century.


(...and btw, I THINK I might have a pretty good suggestion for a female actress who can and DID scare a whole lot of people: Kathy Bates, in of course the film "Misery", though she's ALSO pretty darn scary in that parking lot scene in "Fried Green Tomatoes" TOO!) LOL

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Thanks Tom. thought that was a fitting bit of info for your thread. I wrote I read that Tierney info a long time ago, so that's basically the way I remembered it and yes it came out the same. Tierney frightened the cast and crew enough that he was never asked back because of the incident. Too bad, it would have made for some very funny episodes. I haven't seen the episode in probably over 10years so I remembered polka dots instead of stipes but at least I remembered the hot pink lining LOL-


Now I've been singing Master of The House from Les Miserables since I posted that LOL

(btw- seems to me that Tierney and my Palance suggestion are the winners so far in terms of posts- did you read my post about George MacCready and his "friend" the walking stick that turns into a switchblade- that guy has always given me the willies in many of his performances, Gilda, Paths of Glory, even the tv show Peyton Place, the voice and that scar on his face)

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Yes, Dargo, your Leo Gordon comment most certainly inspired this thread.


There is a quite fascinating two volume book series called Googies-Coffeeshop to the Stars, by Steve Hayes. Hayes had asperations to being a movie star that didn't materialize but, while running the coffeeshop, he met or knew so many Hollywood legends during the '50s.


He knew James Dean, Monroe (to whom he was emotionally supportive on a vulnerable day during her marriage to Dimagio), lived for a month at Errol Flynn's home, offering great insights into the swashbuckler's character, has wonderful anecdotes about many, including Alan Ladd, who sounds like a great, if insecure, guy who could take a joke about himself, and had a conversation with an exhausted Clark Gable sitting alone on a quiet Paramount lot a couple of evenings before the King's fatal heart attack. (Gable, by the way, told him he thought that The Misfits was his best work since GWTW).


Hayes also knew Leo Gordon, whom he called one of the scariest men he ever met. Not only was he physically intimidating but he used to have a semi-automatic tucked in his pants (an absolute no-no for a former jailbird like himself). It was acting and the wife to whom you referred, Dargo, who had a calming influence on him, helping Gordon change his wildman ways and become a "good boy" in the Hollywood community.


It was Gordon with whom Hayes collaborated on a screenplay for a Victor Mature western, Escort West. Gordon, as well as being a tough guy character actor, also had a career as a screenwriter.


Gordon was also one of a small group of friends who stood side by side with Hayes the night that a group of 15 punks wielding Louisville Sluggers threatened to break the coffeeshop up and put Hayes in the hospital. Hayes, Gordon and the others were far outnumbered but the punks changed their mind when the cofffeshop's cook showed up with a frying pan of sizzling grease, threatening to splash it in their faces.

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lavenderblue, I really love anecdotes like your Seinfeld tale (which I had never heard before) and Gorch's regarding Leo Gordon. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.


As for George Macready in Gilda, yes, he was a pretty bizarre, spooky character in that film. But then the "hero" and "heroine" of that film weren't really all that much better, were they? It was a great part for Macready in a career that could have used more of them, I feel. (But, as you pointed out, his cold bloodedness in Paths of Glory was perfect for that role - what a wonderfully ambitious egomaniacal swine he was in that production - he and Adolphe Menjou gave memorable portrayals of corruption).


Still, I never felt that these characters necessarily reflected the real Macready - at least, I hope they didn't. Therefore, fine character actor that he was, he never scared me as a man. But creepy in Gilda? You got that right!


(Some have speculated on the kind of relationship that the Macready and Glenn Ford characters may have had in that film but I guess that's a discussion for another thread).

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My choices would be:


1. Peter Lorre

2. Lizabeth Scott

3. John Wayne

4. Richard Widmark

5. Victor Mature

6. Joan Crawford

7. Bette Davis

8. Elizabeth Taylor

9. James Mason

10. Lee J. Cobb

11. Lee Marvin

12. Vic Morrow

13. Robert Mitchum

14. Vincent Price

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Another actor that although had some nicer guy roles, but so many not so nice roles is Wallace Beery, and in real life was supposed to be a stinker. Gloria Swanson wrote in her autobiography that he abused her and forced her to take an abortion pill during their very brief marriage. He's also rumored to have killed Ted Healy, the guy that was responsible for the The Stooges. Jackie Cooper has said Beery was awful to him during the making of The Champ. He had a terrible reputation of being cheap and a volatile temper.

Now with all that said, he always gave me the creeps. I'll probably get some flack from others on that, but I never liked the guy and always sensed a meaness in him. In his more villianous type of roles, always had the feeling that was really him.

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lavenderblue, I'm not a Wallace Beery fan either. However, I do rather like him when he plays a bad guy (Secret Six, Big House) or a "lovable" villain (Treasure Island and, particularly, Viva Villa- in fact, I love him in this film).


When I DO get scared by Beery, however, is whenever he indulges in any of those sloppy, unbearably sentimental "aw gee willikers" roles of his for fear that I might collapse into a diabetic coma.


The stories (Hollywood legends?) about Beery, Pat Di Cicco and a young Cubby Broccoli regarding Ted Healy's death are disturbing, to say the least, if they're true. And what does it say about the studio "fixers" protecting their star property like Beery afterward? I suspect. though, with all participants now long gone, we will just never know. Beery's off screen reputation, though, was such that people found the tale a possiblity.

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movielover, any fears of Stan Laurel, S. Z. Sakall or Bob Denver when he played Gilligan?


I must be honest, though, a very hungry Shelley Winters in real life would have intimidated me, too.




What! He's afraid of me, too? Sheeesh!!!

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> Now with all that said, he always gave me the creeps. I'll probably get some flack from others on that, but I never liked the guy and always sensed a meaness to him. In his more villianous type of roles, always had the feeling that was really him.


That was Lavender about Wallace Beery. And yes, I too always heard he was a creep in actual life and mean with his cast members. But he was known as "The Lovable Slob" to the public, and his screen presence, while not "dapper" to say the least, wasn't really "scary".


Movielover, don'tcha mean JOHN DENVER? BOB Denver was the guy who gave us MAYNARD G. KREBBS and GILLIGAN.


You reminded me of the guy I knew who got confused about JAMES ARNESS' brother...




Edited by: Sepiatone on Jan 12, 2014 11:03 AM

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Sorry Sepia but I disagree. Beery came across to ME as scary in many of his performances, because I always sensed an underlying meanness to him, and that was scary to me. Just a feeling I had about him. As I said I got the feeling in his villianous roles that was really him. His presence in a film, I always found unsettling. That's my opinion.

Scary on this thread can be interrupted in many ways. Scary performance, scary reputation, just a dislike because we sense they just aren't nice. That's Beery to me.


Now with that said, the other actors I've mentioned, Palance, McCready ( in their cases also appearance) my agreement with Tierney, those were based solely on performances that I found to be scary ( Tierney had a not so great rep in real life though)


Edited by: lavenderblue19 on Jan 12, 2014 11:20 AM

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Whoa! Now I'm certainly not going to "ignore" THAT actress in THAT role, GG!!! LOL ;)


Yep, Glenn here has played some pretty scary women in a few films, alright. No argument.


(...Kathy still scares me more, however)

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