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Lady in Hat from Perry Mason


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Hi, everyone. I was told by the TCM moderator that this would be the best place to post my question. I apologize if this has been discussed here before. Can anyone tell me who the Lady in Hat #1 is, who has appeared in numerous Perry Mason episodes, and tell me a bit about her appearances? Thank you.



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I'm guessing that she is either 1) a relative of one of the top producers or actors in the series, OR 2) she could be an old silent film actress who might have made movies in the 1930s and 40s and then began to be an un-credited extra in films and TV shows as "a little old lady in the background".


This was quite common with a lot of old silent film stars, and the queen of the "little old lady in the background" was the famous Mae Marsh, who was the young girl in BIRTH OF A NATION who threw herself off the cliff.


Mae was in very many films over the years as an elderly lady, and we have all seen her many times but without recognizing her. She was in The Searchers, Sergeant Rutledge, and many other films of the 50s and 60s.


In the scene in The Searchers, where Ethan Edwards goes into the room at the fort and sees the crazy white girls who had been kidnapped by the Indians, Mae is the lady who is taking care of the girl who grabs for the rag doll.


I don't think that's her in the Perry Mason show, but here is what Mae looked like as she grew older and became an extra. So, the lady on the Mason show might have some photos of herself on the Internet when she was a younger actress, if we could only find her name:


Mae Marsh:


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