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TCMDb Shows No Results When Doing a Search


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Lately, when I try to search for a movie, actor, etc. on the Search: TCMDb at the top of the TCM Home Page, it never comes up with a result. It just shows a blank page where the result should appear. However, if I Google something with TCM in the request box (i.e. Casablanca TCM), I go directly to what I am looking for on the TCM Database. Why is this happening? I KNOW Casablanca is in the TCM Database, but it foes not appear in a Search on the actual TCM website. This happens on laptop, phone, or iPad.

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This is recent, as I was using it this morning. Most likely, they're still working on the site update and have disconnected the database from the search page - or sumpin'. I'll bet it'll be back in no time.


LOL! Using Google is faster than TCM's own search :P

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Ok. The TCMDb Search is working.. but now it's "case sensitive". You'll have to type capital letters along with lower case as the title is shown in the TCMDb so it matches "exactly" - or it won't come up.


We'll have to wait and see if this is permanent - I hope not. I wouldn't think there's any reason for case sensitivity in a forum such as this.

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As of 1/19/2014 it is not working again. I get this:


HTTP STATUS 404 - /search/


type. status report

message. /search/

description. The requested (/search /) is not available


Apache Tomcat/ 6.0.35


Can TCM just be kind and tell us the Search function will be down for awhile? I hate it when I have to beg someone to tell me what is going on with a website.

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