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"I'm a pretty girl, Mama"


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Geminigirl, this is for you . . . well, it's for all to enjoy but especially for you.




One of the commentors on the video asked about the music playing onstage while Louise is in the dressing room. I don't recognize it, but I agree with you that it's fabulous. I suspect the music was written by Jule Styne.

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Natalie Wood has always been my favorite actress! I finally got my hands on a copy of "This Property is Condemned" right before Christmas. I don't think it had been available on dvd. The ending of that film gets me every time. So does "Splendor in the Grass", and "Kings Go Forth"..........I could go on and on! Natalie was very good at having a "meltdown" on screen. Probably had a lot to do with her upbringing. Anyway, thanks for posting that scene..............that pink robe is my favorite costume from "Gypsy"..................

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I agree that Natalie was very good at screen "meltdowns." I think my favorite is the bath tub scene in SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS.

Natalie Wood was the rare exception of a child star who was able to successfully transition from "cute kid" to teen star to "sex symbol."

(In another thread I mentioned another exception: Kurt Russell.)


She never got the respect that she deserved from the "industry" as a screen actress, but was seen more as a personality. Producers knew though that having her in a movie would guarantee an audience. That's the reason she was cast in WEST SIDE STORY even though she was not a singer. Throughout the filming of that movie, she was led to believe that her own singing voice would used with only the higher notes sung by a soprano "mixed" into Natalie's tracks. In the end, none of Natalie's singing was used in WEST SIDE STORY.


In the video below, Natalie's own singing voice has been added:




While I admit that I am biased, I actually prefer Natalie's vocal to the more "perfect" vocal of Marni Nixon that was actually used in the movie.

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Thanks for the link! I have never heard Natalie's voice before. I agree with you; IMHO, that's the one flaw of "West Side Story"...........Marnie Nixon's voice sounded classically trained; Natalie's voice was much more realistic and suited the character of Maria much better. So the powers that be lied to her about using her voice; as a child they lied to her about the bridge collapse in "The Green Promise"..................aah, the old studio days!


Edited by: Geminigirl on Jan 14, 2014 12:30 AM

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