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Roadshow Musical Book


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>I hear it's full of mistakes.


I think it's just about impossible for any book about movies not to have a lot of mistakes.


During the interview with Mr. Osborne, he showed a clip of him telling Shelly Winters that she did NOT receive an Academy Award nomination for the film A DOUBLE LIFE (1947), and she acted shocked like she didn't believe him.


Seems that she had been telling people for years that she was nominated for that film, but somewhere along the way, she forgot that she was NOT nominated for it.


I also remember buying a paperback book about the life of W.C. Fields, back in the 1970s, written by someone who had known him and had seen most of his films, and since I had just recently attended a W.C. Fields film festival, I noticed a lot of mistakes in the basic plot lines of most of the films mentioned.


Years later, after being on this board for a few years, I began to realize that all of us mis-remember certain things about movies, including scenes, actors, etc. that we remember being in movies but that turn out NOT to be in those movies. Seems that our brains play tricks on us when we try to remember facts about repetative things we know about, such a movies. We know the facts originally, but just 10 or 20 or 30 years later, we tend to get some of the facts mixed up with other films, without realizing it.

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