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Holiday Timetrip: December, 1938. Exterior: Fabulously Appointed Mansion


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Well, here we are again, December 23rd, 1938, almost Christmas and time for that annual Holiday party at the home of the Rathbones, (that?s Basil and Ouida, to you and me). Your invitation finally arrived, despite your slightly scandalous behavior at the Independence Day party--oh, well, if they can?t take a joke?


Put on your glad rags, boys and girls, glide that gleaming Daimler up the curving drive, hear the crunch of the gravel under the wheels, and check out that dazzling display at the door--and I don?t mean the massive wreath and extravagant garland. Why, there?s Dietrich, Cooper, Stanwyck and Taylor, Gable, Lombard, Ty Power and Annabella, and which one of the Barrymores will show--hope it?s not that hopeless Jack?yikes, the few married folk here seem to consist of couples like our hosts and, oh, no--Bogie?s here with Mayo, (put away the good crystal and the butter knives)?


Grab your invite to show the guy in the penguin suit at the door (he says he?s the butler, but I've seen him in line at Central Casting...and didn't he have a bit in Greg LaCava's "My Man Godfrey"?), don?t ask what goes into the hot toddies being passed out by our charming hosts, and sneak ahead to the table to switch the cards on the seating arrangements---all your faves are here to wish you good cheer--who would you like to clink a toast

with this year? Here?s a chance to fulfill a Christmas wish, at least in your imagination.


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As usual Moira your Timetrip was worth the trip. Dripping with nostalgia its what this site is all about.

Also thanks for the encouragement about trying to get into this fangled mess. I'll keep trying.


Happy holidays to all and to all the best in 2003!



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