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All about roadshow engagement films....


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This is a history of films that had roadshow engagements. This is on Wiki and is interesting.




A roadshow theatrical release (known also as reserved seat engagement) was a term in the American motion picture industry for a practice in which a film opened in a limited number of theaters in large cities like Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Dallas and San Francisco for a specific period of time before the nationwide general release. Although variants of roadshow releases occasionally still exist, the practice mostly ended in the early 1970s.


Much more at that link.....

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Yeah, well, I'M still waitin' for them to come to Sedona so I can get some idea of what that painting dear ol' Aunt Gertie left me in her will is worth in today's art market!


(...oh...wait...sorry...never mind...I guess I was a bit confused here)

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*All major films, in large cities, used to open in the downtown theatres first, before they were later rolled out to the neighborhood theatres.*


The difference is that Roadshow engagements had reserved seating, and the ticket prices were quite costly.

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>finances said: "When you reserved a seat, could you ask for seat 15 on row 7? Suppose they didn't sell out the reserved seats?"





Reserved seats were exactly that, specific seats assigned and reserved for the buyer. Nobody else could sit in them. Usually, tickets were sold on "a best available seat" basis, but if somebody wanted certain seats, say in a specific row, they could get them as long as they were still available.


If the showing wasn't sold out in advance, tickets would be sold at the box office right up until showtime. Those tickets were also reserved and were for specific seats. Nobody could just walk in an take any seat.

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