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Best movie set in your state...


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Practically every month there is a street closed somewhere around here because of filming for some movie or tv show.


Since my state is far too big, I'll go with city. I can't think of any off hand but, if they are supposed to be in the L.A. Harbor area, this is it.

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My favorite:

"Overboard" (1987) a fictional city on the Oregon coastline.


My second favorite:

"The Goonies" (1985), Astoria, OR a city at the very tip of the N. Oregon coast line.




"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." Was set in Oregon. Filmed at the mental hospital in my home city of Salem. The building sat vacant and decrepit for years. I believe that it was recently torn down, except for a section of it was saved and turned into a mental health museum. It's good they fixed it up. The building was super creepy to drive by.


"Free Willy" again in Astoria. They must offer good perks to film companies.

*In the mid 90s when Keiko (Free Willy) was being freed from the bad living conditions in Mexico, he came to a specially built tank at the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport. My fifth grade class took a field trip to see him. He is long gone (and deceased) now, and the tank is now an exhibit called "Passages of the Deep."


"Mr. Holland's Opus" filmed in my other home city of Portland (I was born there and lived there for about 10 years, hoping to maybe move back in the next year or so).


"Coraline" set in the small S. Oregon town of Ashland. "Coraline" was created entirely in Oregon. Phil Knight (CEO of Nike)'s son worked on the film.


Finally, I know its not movies. But "Portlandia" on the IFC channel is filmed in Portland. It's fun to see places I recognize on TV and I can tell you from all my time living in Portland that the show is not particularly exaggerating what Portland is like. A little of it is far-fetched; but not much. I <3 Portland.

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I'd just like to go on record that even though Oregon has a reputation for a lot of rain, it's not true. Oregon may have more consecutive days with rain than most other places (except for maybe Washington) but some cities on the East Coast (for example) have more rain overall.


In spite of the wet days, we have great summers and the state is beautiful. Plus, we were spared the "polar vortex." While everyone else was at -50 or whatever it was, we were experiencing a balmy 45ish degrees. This week, it's supposed to be over 50 degrees and relatively dry. It didn't rain today! Woohoo!

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Well, I've got a pretty easy one with Texas:


The Alamo

The Apostle

Blood Simple

Bonnie & Clyde

The Buddy Holly Story

Days of Heaven

Duel in the Sun

For a Few Dollars More

The Getaway




The Last Picture Show

The Magnificent Seven

No Country for Old Men

Old Yeller

Once Upon a Time in the West

The Outlaw Josey Wales

Paris, Texas

Red River

The Right Stuff

Seven Days in May

Smokey & the Bandit

The Southerner

Sugarland Express

Terms of Endearment


The Wild Bunch


and of course the Texas Chainsaw Massacre!


But NOT Thelma & Louise, because Louise refused to go into Texas.

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New York is just as easy as Texas....unless you separate NYC out of it (which most upstaters do)


I've never seen DRUMS ALONG THE MOHAWK, but A PLACE IN THE SUN is supposed to take place in the same general area of the state.


My favorite is IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE. If you ever make it to Seneca Falls (home of women's rights!) you'd recognise it as Bedford Falls. Most small towns along the Barge Canal have that caught-in-a time-warp sort of feeling.


And speedracer, Oregon is my favorite state and I love visiting or working there. I noticed a lot of moisture in the forests, like moss or lichens on the trees. I think it's due to lack of sunlight rather than rainfall, not unlike Syracuse (Dreary-cuse) Coffee & movies are big in these unsunny states.

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I've lived in NY, Ma, and now Fla. So many movies take place in each of those states. Impossible to list them all but for NY, I'd say *Marty* since it takes place in The Bronx, neighborhoods I grew up in. Could probably name 100 films for NY, but just to name 1 for Manhattan, I love *The World of Henry Orient* . The locations shots are perfect and the feeling of Central Park in the winter scenes captures the feeling perfectly. This is one film that uses the city as a character. The feeling of Spring in NYC is also captured perfectly. Of course there's *The Godfather* *Miracle on 34th Street* *Miracle In the Rain* just too many that use NY as a backdrop and that are favorites.


For Massachusetts - Again so many, but for location shots of Boston, *The Thomas Crown Affair* - *The Gazebo* . The Gazebo used in the film was in the next town over from my town. So many for Ma. *Jaws*, *Now Voyager* *A Stolen Life* *Little Women*


For combining NY and Massachusetts- *Portrait of Jennie* - The Cloisters, Met Musuem of Art, Central Park, the Lighthouse, "Lands End" - the locations shots in *Portrait of Jennie" were beautiful.


For Fla- yikes, again so many- *Key Largo* *Moon Over Miami* *Cool Hand Luke* *The Yearling* *Body Heat* . I love the film *Heartbreakers* , besides a clever funny script, terrific acting, great cast, Sigourney Weaver, Jennifer Hewitt, Ray Liotta and Anne Bancroft, great and gorgeous location shots of Fla.

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> For Michigan, SOMEWHERE IN TIME, filmed on Mackinac Island


Don't forget HOFFA. There are scant others I can't recall just now, and I don't want to brag about the train station used in TRANSFORMERS for obvious reasons.


Oh, and BLUE COLLAR, with Richard Pryor, Harvey Kietel(sic) and Yaphet Koto.



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Yep sewhite, gotta say the Lone Star State DOES have many a great movie about it that it could claim as "quintessential Texas", and personally I would have shown "Giant" on that map instead of the spaghetti western "For a Few Dollars More".


Btw, and speakin' of Texas...when I was a kid, my dear ol' Indiana-born Pop used to occasionally sing a little ditty about that state of yours that he said he learned while marching to it at Fort Hood during some of his basic training in the U.S. Army just before being sent over to fight the Wehrmacht in WWII. And, it went like this:


(to the tune of "Mademoiselle from Armenti?res"...)


Texas is a hell of a state,



Texas is a hell of a state,



Texas is a hell of a state,

The a**hole of the forty-eight


Hinky Dinky Parlez-vous


(...sorry for "messin' with Texas" here, dude...but I just couldn't resist this little venture back to my childhood in California!) ;)



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> Don't forget HOFFA. There are scant others I can't recall just now,


*Anatomy of a Murder*.


I'm in Ulster County, NY, so I'll pick *Tootsie*, since they actually filmed at the Hurley Mountain Inn not too far from here.

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