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Impossible to watch - Hell Harbor


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Hello all.

Lately My DVR has been screwing up. For the last 3 days , my DVR has failed on me. It happens everytime I record between 1 and 7 AM. It has happened 3 nights in a row now. I'm tired of it.


Last night, I wanted to record a very rare Pre-code Lupe Velez film called HELL HARBOR. It came out in 1930. It's a early sound film. I set the DVR upstairs and downstairs. Knowing of the screw up earlier in the day with BRIGHT EYES , I set the movie so it could record 2 minutes early.


I got up this morning to watch it. I turned on my TV and pushed play in the DVR. Suddenly a black screen came up. It gave me two options. To delete or to keep. It would not rewind or fast forward. I was unable to watch the movie. I was angry and disappointed, but not as much because I also recorded it downstairs (so I thought).


I went downstairs. I turned on the TV and pushed play to watch Hell HARBOR only to find the same result. It didn't record either. A black screen came up asking me if I watch to erase the recording.


Now what ?! TCM will likely never show it again. All the good rare stuff is on at the early morning hours when everyone is asleep. During the day, they re-run the same old stuff again and again. I'll never see this movie. It's making me angry and frustrated. I found it online selling for around $16 and only 6 copies available.


Has this kind of thing happened to anybody ?

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Here is a link to the full length movie on youtube:


*Hell Harbor (1930)*




Youtube films are often yanked. In this case, it was an independent production, and there may be no hopped up copyright holder trolling youtube for "infringements".


The film features a backdrop of authentic Cuban rumba music, which was very popular worldwide at the time. It appears to have been shot on location, and the producer was able to furnish some real Cuban music. It has great historic value to someone who is a fan of that musical tradition.


The film lacks glamorous settings and clothes; it's rather drab and downscale, with Lupe Velez just about the only good looking member of the cast.




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