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Josephine Baker in Hollywood?


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I often wonder what would it had been like if Josephine Baker would have been in Hollywood. In Europe she was a goddess, worshipped. Being the wild, unpredictable, extrovert, who made her own rules it would of been interesting if she had been in Hollywood. I know she would of took them by storm, they probably would of had to run her out, because she wouldn't have stayed in her place like they wanted her to. Maybe she could have been the one to stop the stereotypying with because when you see her you can't take your eyes off of her, you forgot color and look at her great energy, charisma, personality, enormous sex appeal. She was always complimented on her beautiful form. Whether she would of made it or not in Hollywood, I know for sure she would of created a lot of talk and left her mark and would of really kicked the door open on sex and race. She really would of gave the actresses a run for their money for sure when it came to the men and other women cause when she was around, no one had a chance. She was practically kicked out of the U.S. Did it have to do with her free-ness and open-ness or her being black and free and open?


I remember someone saying before Madonna, before Marilyn, before Jean, there was Josephine Baker. Men fought, killed themselves for her. She's a woman who can really make you envioius and irresistible to any man. She was one of few who made you forgot her race and look at her beauty. She dismissed any myths that someone of her race couldn't be alluring, mysterious, exotic. Of course, she wasn't the first or last but publicly she proved a lot wrong.Marlene Dietrich always reminds me of her. What Dietrich was doing here in the U.S., Baker was doing in Europe, quite of a coincidence. I was reading when Bob Hope was in Ziegfield Follies with her he had somewhat of a crush...shocked? Why? I found when it comes to man, if you have what she has, race can be overlooked... if a woman has beauty, race isn't so important.

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But as the devoted husband, he always trotted out Dolores on those tv specials, and boy...she really could not sing.


Just my opinion of course....


As for Josephine Baker, there was a fabulous PBS special on quite a few years ago, detailing her rise and fall, and had some great footage of her in her later years in France. I wonder if that film or documentary is still in print? It was quite well done.


I particularly love the wonderful portraits of Josephine that were made by many famous photographers of the 1920's. She was an effervescent talent.

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