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What Movie themed coffee table books do you display?


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As I write this, I can see the spines do the following tomes:


David O. Selznick's Hollywood

Epic! History on the Big Screen

Cine Mexicano

65 Years of the Oscar

Sinatra: Hollywood His Way

Marilyn Monroe: Platinum Fox

Lana: The Memories, the Myths and the Movies

Joan Crawford,.the Enduring Star



I have others I rotate in and out occasionally.


Edited by: Arturo on Jan 26, 2014 5:19 PM

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These aren't on my coffee table, but displayed on a shelf in my living room with other movie books and my DVD collection:


Starstruck (great collection of old movie posters)

The Story of Hollywood, Gregory Paul Williams

Hurrell's Hollywood Portraits (not the new book that's out; this is an older one)

Hollywood in Kodachrome


(There might be one or two I've forgotten; I'm not home to check. :) )

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Nice selection Eugenia. Hurrell was amazing in his work, but then again, look who he had for subjects.


I edited my original post, removing The Forties Gals, as that is not really a coffee table book. Someone recently returned it, and it just stayed on top of the other books. I also hid one, on Bettie Page, since during the holidays friends and family were here with ther kids.

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Hurrell was the master, but another good photographer during the "golden age" was the lesser known Scotty Welbourne. He had a bit of Hurrell's style. I don't know if he had a book out.


I was going to add "Flesh and Fantasy" by Penny Stallings, but it's not really a coffee table book, per se. I also have two big Stanwyck film books (for Laurel and Hardy, too), but for myself I was thinking more along the lines of "general Hollywood" collections.

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All my books are in bookcases, but these are my five favorite "coffee table" sized movie books:


Sin In Soft Focus: Pre-Code Hollywood

The Portfolios of George Hurrell*

The Art of Film Noir (Eddie Muller)

The Dark Page

The Dark Page II


The last two are by the Baltimore rare book dealer Kevin Johnson (Royal Books), who specializes in film books, film manuscripts, publicity photos, press kits, and first printings of novels that were made into movies. The Dark Page and The Dark Page II both feature full page color photos of the dust jackets of the first printings of novels that were the basis of classic film noir titles. The first volume features the noirs of the 40's, and the second volume deals with the noirs from 1950 - 1965, though in both cases the novels themselves (and the jacket photos) sometimes pre-date the films by quite a bit. They make a nice complementary companion to Eddie Muller's lavish book on film noir posters.


BTW Kevin's website is http://www.royalbooks.com/ , and anyone who loves classic film, both domestic and foreign, will find a lot to drool over on it. I was in the book business for 29+ years, and I've never seen a collection of movie related material on Royal Books' level anywhere, even in Hollywood itself.


*This may be the "older" Hurrell book that Eugenia's talking about.

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Hi Andy - this is the book that I have:




Wow, that's one I'd never even known about, and I can't believe I missed it when it came out. The one I have was published by Graystone Press in 1991, with Jean Harlow's portrait on the cover:



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Unfortunately, my coffee table is the "catch-all" of the house, and currently has no room for even my CHECKBOOK.


Besides, I don't have really any movie themed "coffee table" books, anyway.


I DO have one that centers around Laurel and Hardy, and another about "Rocky and Bullwinkle", but that's about it. Oh, and a ratty looking old copy of "Hollywood Babylon" somewhere in my basement.



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I don't have a coffee table at the moment; but when my husband and I finally manage to finish saving up for a downpayment for a home, I hope to purchase a coffee table-- for the sole purpose of having coffee table books to display!


Currently, the only coffee tables books I own (which currently are "books in my parents' garage books") are I Love Lucy related. I have "I Love Lucy: The Complete Picture History of the Most Popular Television Show Ever" and Lucy and Desi's Scrapbook.


I hope to procure some more books in the future, I want to get this "Audrey Hepburn Treasures" book, "Errol Flynn Lived Here" (or something along those lines) and maybe a very colorful Oscar book. I haven't decided yet. I'd love to have a rotating collection.

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