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Thank You TCM!!


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I just wanted to take a minute to thank TCM for showing all of

Edna May Oliver's Hildegarde Withers films this month.

Penguin Pool Murder

Murder On The Blackboard

Murder On A Honeymoon

They even did a one or two minute tribute for her!!

It was really nice to see them remember her.

I saw these films more than 10 yrs ago and have wanted to see

them again ever since. I had seen the first two once since then,

but hadn't seen Murder On A Honeymoon.

They showed it this morning and it was as good as I remembered.

Thank You again TCM!! You've made my day!!

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Isn't it nice, laurelnhardy, when TCM returns to its roots and does what it used to do best? They've actually programmed quite a few classically classic films of late.


Aren't Edna May and James wonderful together? They don't make 'em like that anymore.


In fact, they haven't made 'em like that post 1960.

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Yes Willbefree25, It was great seeing those two again after so long!!

They did work great together!! It's a shame that the other Hildegarde Withers films didn't star Edna May Oliver. They were good films, but I think they would have been so much better with EMO.

I hope to discover more pairs like Edna May Oliver and James Gleason

in obscure films such as these that I didn't know existed!!

Hopefully, there are more hidden in a vault just waiting to be shown again!!

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TCM just ebbs and flows. There are so many films and so much inventory that they have, they have been creative with how the show it. Like the last few months with the Story of Film, they tended to skew more modern with the films.


This being Joan Crawford's month it skews to earlier films. If Mary Astor is March SOTM then I bet the films stay more toward the era when she was a big star.


If you stick with TCM eventually they will make you smile. They certainly have given me happy days.

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