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*anyone else have a problem with this???*


No, not at all. I think it's a great list. And everyone has a right to their opinions. If you would list your top 25, in order, I'm sure many people would have issues with some of your choices, your omissions, and your placements. Do we all expect everyone to be exactly like us?


*"Scarlet Street" but not "Woman in the Window"?*


*Scarlet Street* is my # 1 film noir and I have *The Woman in the Window* at # 48. Fritz Lang is my second favorite director, trailing only Hitchcock.


*and where is "Laura" & "Kiss Me Deafly"??*


*Laura* is # 33 for me and *Kiss Me Deadly* is # 7. Differing tastes for all.


And I've got *Double Indemnity* at # 20 and *The Asphalt Jungle* at # 21.

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Not quite sure how one can have an issue with someone else's choice of films. Each of us is entitled to our own opinions. And just because some agree doesn't mean we all are forced to agree.


His list is his list. We are free to make our own lists. That's what makes the world go around, freedom of choice.

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#1. Act of Violence....


#2. The Asphalt Jungle...


#3. The Big Combo...


#4. The Big Heat...


#5. The Big Sleep...


#6. Born to Kill...


#7. Dead Reckoning....


#8. Detour..


#9. Double Indemnity..


#10. Gun Crazy...


#11. Kansas City Confidential...


#12. The Killers..


#13. The Killing...


#14. Kiss Me Deadly...


#15. Kiss of Death...


#16. Laura...


#17. Murder My Sweet...


#18. The Narrow Margin...


#19. Out of the Past...


#20. Phantom Lady...


#21. The Phenix City Story..


#22. Raw Deal...


#23. This Gun for Hire...


#24. Touch of Evil...


#25. The Woman in the Window....


my top 25 in alphabetical order!!

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  • 2 months later...

No On Dangerous Ground either...


Well this is the issue with any listing;  why does someone have XYZ on their list but not 123?    Now when I make a list this is one of the main things I think about,  but often I just give up  (especially as the list grows longer,  say the last 5 choices in the top 25).   I just want to complete the list and post it here.  So if someone asked me WHY this movie instead of that my excuse would be;  I just wanted to get this list done!   The choices are interchangable.

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Out of Muller's top 25, I wouldn't even think of choosing Touch of Evil, and I've yet to see  Tomorrow is Another Day, Raw Deal, or The City That Never Sleeps.  But the other 21 are all terrific, and I can see the case for any of them as a top 25.


Too bad he only considers American noir, because that omits many foreign noir classics like M, Rififi, and Elevator to the Gallows.  But with that constraint in mind, here'd be my top 25, as least as of today:


1. (tie)  The Killers

1. (tie)  Out of the Past

3. Nightmare Alley

4. Thieves' Highway

5. Sudden Fear

6. The Asphalt Jungle

7. Too Late For Tears

8. The Big Heat

9. Dead Reckoning

10. The Damned Don't Cry

11. The Big Clock

12. Road House

13. Detour

14. Odds Against Tomorrow

15. Act of Violence

16. The Killing

17. Night and the City

18. The Night Holds Terror

19. Underworld, USA

20. Life in the Balance

21. He Walked By Night

22. The Maltese Falcon

23. Shock

24. Flamingo Road

25. Nightfall


Honorable Mentions:  Oh, only about 100 of them. ;)  

And yes, Double Indemnity would be among them, even though the ending was a bit too predictable.


And then there are others that are listworthy, but I'm not sure they're really noirs:


The Incident

Born To Kill

Murder, Inc.

House of Bamboo


The Bribe



And so on.

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Touch of Evil is one of the best noirs, one of the best US films, and in my opinion, and that of a lot of others, Welles' best film.


I think all on your "not sure" list are noirs, except for The Incident.


I agree with you about foreign noirs - there are some great Japanese noirs, i.e. Kurosawa's Stray Dog.

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