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Americans and child stars

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TikiSoo, I know this is a belated response, but when I read your Feb13 comment I just had to quote back to you one of my all-time favorite TCM Forum moments, which was when you wrote this some time back:


*"My biggest concern for kids today is not thinking ahead "that cute little hummingbird tattoo on your breast is gonna be a stork by time you?re 50"."*

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Getting back to the OP's point, here's a clipping from the SUNDAY TIMES (London) in which the reviewer, one Sydney W. Carroll, comes across as the epitome of the cultured British bore and someone the Marx Brothers would have just annihilated in about 4 minutes or less.




Let's see. First, he doesn't seem to know the difference between filmmaking and reality and he frets that Edie Moseley, a poor girl in the Ozarks living alone with her invalid mother, has access to a gun! (BTW, I've seen GIRL OF THE OZARKS and Weidler carries that very serious, and good, film.) Besides, it's a shotgun!


Second, Temple movies would be better if the adults were featured more prominently and maybe weren't so nice to Shirley.


Third, Sybil Jason is good because she isn't in her movies that much.


Have I got that straight?


To quote one of my favorite Golden Age stars, "What a maroon!"

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