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MGM Parade


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TCM has been showing episodes of the 1955-56 TV series "MGM Parade" MANY times a month. Is anyone disappointed by this show? It is primarily a clip-fest of MGM movies, which might be valuable to 1950s viewers, but is worthless to us now that we can see the actual movies on TCM. What's more, TCM has been showing the SAME episode each month, many times a month. In January, it showed episode 25 several times. It showed episode 24 several times last month, and episode 23 several times in November, etc. Why is TCM devoting so many valuable half-hour time slots to showing this uninteresting show??


The shocking thing is that as often as they show these episodes, I still haven't seen all the episodes because of all the endless repeats! And they are only thirty or so episodes in the series. I suggest they show all the episodes in a couple months, with no repeats, just to get it over with.

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I agree. I made the mistake of DVR'ing one episode, because it had Lucy and Desi in it. I'm a big fan of theirs. I recorded it purely to see them promoting their film "Forever Darling." Then this show became a nightmare, because I somehow accidentally set the DVR to record all episodes! Ugh. I think I finally got that debacle remedied.


Anyway, I started watching the episode, the host was bland. One movie that they were plugging was some production of Abraham Lincoln... good grief. That trailer was so long and so dull. It definitely made me NOT want to watch the film. It was so boring and tedious, I eventually started fast forwarding through it. I think there was another ad for something else that look just as bad as the Abraham Lincoln fiasco. A lot of fast forwarding went on during my viewing of MGM Parade #22. Finally, Lucy and Desi were at the end (of course) and did their spiel and showed clips of the film. I have seen a few different clips of them promoting their third and last film, and I am always amazed that they chose the scene of their characters yelling and screaming as a clip to entice people to see the film. "Forever Darling" is light years away from "The Long, Long Trailer" in terms of quality.

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