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War Of The Worlds(1953)


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On a fishing vacation DR Clayton Forrester(Gene Barry)sees a strange craft come down and crash in the woods.

The local folks come to the site not knowing what to make of it.DR Forrester warns everyone to stay away till they can find out more about it.They leave three guards behind.

At the local dance DR Forester meets Sylvia Van Buren(Ann Robinson)and her uncle Pastor Matthew Collins(Lewis Martin)Sylvia and DR Forrester fall in love.

Soon everyone loses their power.People find its coming in the direction of the craft.The three guards on the site see the door open on the craft and their instantly killed.

Everyone returns to the site and after seeing the three dead men understand the invaders in the craft are not friendly.

The army and air force are called in,but their of little use.

More crafts land all over the world causing havoc.

The only thing left to do is use the A Bomb,but its little use.

Only one thing can stop them.

Keep an eye out for Carolyn Jones and David McMahon(Bits)

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the only thing wrong with the 1953 version is Ann Robinson's constant/iritating screaming.....


Spielbergo dropped a mega-**** with his gawd-awful remake...part of the blame goes to a vacuous Cruise...why include the completely non-sequitur side plot with Tim Robbins???

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I also prefer the Pal production with its cool looking saucers and relentless action. The Spielberg re-make is not a complete disaster- the FX work is excellent and the first attack sequence is thrilling- but Cruise is not right for the blue collar every man hero. The Tim Robbins sequence is a bit creepy- he is scarier than the Martians specially the way he keeps looking at Dakota Fanning.

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Since the first time I saw WAR OF THE WORLDS at age seven it's been my favorite sci-fi movie. Sure you can see the wires holding up the martian machines, but so what, by 1953 standards it was state-of-the art and that's how I judge it each every time I watch it.

I can't stand the Tom Cruise version. Dakota Fanning's screams drive me up the wall. It's like hearing fingernails on a chalk board for two hours.

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