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A Tragic Death by Extreme Violence


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My heart and soul are rendered speechless and mortified by yesterday's unexpected and searing death witnessed by millions of stunned and unnerved worshipers. There are no happy orange flags a-flying today but rather just an unsettled darkness of gloom permeating the newly renamed State of Mudville.


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Well I was giving Bronco fans 10 points since I felt the SeaHawks would win by at least that much, but yea, even the biggest SH homer couldn't of predicted this wipeout.


The Bronco coaching staff didn't prepare the players. They had to have watched how the SH handled Bres and the Saints, twice. I assume the Bronco's staff was so arrogrant that they just felt with Manning they could win. Sorry, but an aging, slow, drop back passer isn't going to have a chance against a defense like that.

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Las Vegas had the Seahawks favored to win by around 4 points so giving 10 points isn't a 'blowout' in my view.


I also listened to a guy on the Colin Cowherd show on ESPN radio about over a week before the game. (Cowherd is the best sports talk guy in the industry in my view).


This guy and Cowherd were both saying that the Seahawks were going to dominate the Bronco because Manning's arm wasn't what it use to be, that he was too slow, and that all the Seahawks D will give Manning is very quick and thus, short passes. The guy will be on the show on Tuesday. I wonder if this guy is the same guy as the assistant on M&M.

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