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May 2014 Schedule is Up

Guest obrienmundy

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Thanks for posting Obreinmundy, now we also know what five more of the new *Essentials* will be this year: They are...


Sat. May 3rd: *In the Heat of the Night*

Sat. May 10th: *Stella Dallas*

Sat. May 17th: *The Haunting*

Sat. May 24th: *The Dirty Dozen*

and Sat. May 31st: *My Fair Lady*

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*Marat/Sade* on the 8th -- a very good, troubling film, though quite poignant in its way, and with great songs. And Glenda Jackson as Charlotte Corday! And May also brings us an amusing "Scarlet" day (with one Charlie Chan title!); and, in the San Francisco series, perhaps my favorite pre-code: *Frisco Jenny*, with one of the most heartbreaking endings in movies.

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Thanks for posting this Obrien!!!


Well I just did a basic count of the films and from which decades the most films being shown in May are from.


1920's: 9


1930's: 81


1940's: 118


1950's: 86


1960 - 1967: 40


1968 - 1969: 7


1970's: 29


1980's: 18


1990's: 5


So what I have done is this: I have included movies filmed during the 1960's to include films made up to and including the year 1967 as the last full year the Hays Production Code was in effect. On November 1, 1968, the MPAA was formed and the ratings system was created. I have decided to make 1967 the last full year of the production code.


So 393 films in total are being shown. Of this total I am not including shorts or docs. 334 films are being shown up to the end of 1967 or near the break away year of 1968. 59 films are being shown that were made in 1968 and afterwards.


James will be happy about this:


The breakdown for the month of May is this: 85% of all films being shown are from before the end of 1967 and 15% of all the films being shown were made after January 1, 1968.

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Even though I'm not a fan of June Allyson, the May schedule looks fun. I perused the schedule and already found a bunch of films that will be finding their way onto my DVR! "The Adventures of Don Juan," and "The Bride Came COD," being a couple of them. I'm also intrigued by the musical tribute to the American housewife. The premise sounds ridiculous enough to be amusing.

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The somewhat larger than normal quantity of films from the '70s and '80s can be attributed to the Friday Night Spotlight on the contribution of Australian filmmakers, a festival which will feature films that are by necessity of a more recent vintage. Of course, this is offset by the showcasing of June Allyson's films, comprised entirely of pre-1960, studio-era films.

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I'm happy to see THE ROSE TATTOO is on the schedule for May.

I had hoped that it would be shown when Burt Lancaster was Star of the Month, but I'm looking forward to seeing it in May.


MURIEL'S WEDDING will be airing as part of the salute to Australian films. I love this movie.


LACOMBE, LUCIEN and EUROPA, EUROPA are scheduled as TCM Imports in May.

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While the full schedule was available for viewing last night, I noticed a few issues with the timing of a couple of films. I would guess that the schedule has been taken down temporarily so that it can be properly amended to accurately reflect the correct lengths of the scheduled films.

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I must say I am looking forward to June Allyson as SOTM; she is a performer of whom I have long been a fan. She has an extensive film record and I've enjoyed her performances in every film I've seen her in...although I would have to say that *Executive Suite* probably is my favorite because it stars William Holden, my favorite actor.

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The guest programmer in May is actress-turned-nun Dolores Hart. She will introduce a film she made at Fox with Stephen Boyd, called LISA. And she will also present THE SONG OF BERNADETTE starring Jennifer Jones.



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>HoldenIsHere wrote: LACOMBE, LUCIEN and EUROPA, EUROPA are scheduled as TCM Imports in May.



Don't forget the French drama "Jean de Florette," Claude Berri's acclaimed 1986 film that will air early Monday, May 19th at 2 a.m. But how long will we have to wait for the sequel, "Manon of the Spring"?


The primetime schedule for May 20th includes two Mel Brooks dramas (sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it?) -- "The Elephant Man" (1980) and "Frances" (1982).



Also, the morning and afternoon of May 30th are chockful of Fritz Lang films, ranging from his German classics "Metropolis" (1927) and "M" (1931) and then moving to his American films, including "Clash By Night" (1952) and "While the City Sleeps" (1956).

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With an actress-turned-nun as guest programmer, I am surprised that there was no Nun's Story in her selection.


Then, again, I would have been even more surprised if there had been a Last Tango in Paris or Wild Bunch.

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Jake, I was also glad to see *Jean de Florette* on the schedule. *Lisa* is rarely seen, so hearing Mother Dolores Hart introduce it will be a special pleasure.


Fans of Anthony Mann's noirs can see *He Walked by Night* and *Raw Deal*. *F for Fake* is set for May 29. If I remember correctly, this was announced a while ago, then withdrawn, so it will be good to see this Orson Welles rarity.


A number of the Australian films interest me. I wish that the June Allyson tribute had included the rarely-seen *The Shrike*, and that *High Barbaree* and *The Secret Heart*, two of her best films, were being shown in prime time, but that's what recorders are for.


As usual, there's a great variety with something for just about every taste.

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