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Why No Beatles Films on TCM?

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Yes, I meant that in a facetious way. They do have a distinctive

dialect, though one can understand most of what they're saying.


I haven't seen All You Need Is Cash in years. It was very funny,

in part because they got so many of the details just right. It is available

on YT. I feel a little sorry for people who are constantly being filmed

whatever they do and usually do some kind of slapstick which gets

very dull after the first time.

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In regards to the anniversary, we are discussing showing Beatles MOVIES and TCM does show MOVIES. They have shown many rock movies in the past and The Beatles would fit into their schedule perfectly. Are they really that much different than all of the musicals that are shown on TCM all the time? Not one bit. Obviously it is not your "cup of tea" and that is why you are being so contrary.

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>In regards to the anniversary, we are discussing showing Beatles MOVIES and TCM does show MOVIES


TCM is not an All Movie Channel.TCM lets the Mexican Revolution pass every year with no salute. There were lots of great movies made about the Mexican Revolution. Every country has had a Revolution. Every rock band has an anniversary. Every movie star has a birthday. Every ethnic group has ethnic holidays. Every race has special holidays, anniversaries, etc., etc.


Then there are the birds and the animials, like parots, lions, elephants. They need their day. We haven't seen a good whale movie in years. How about THE NAKED JUNGLE (1954) for Ant Day?


Then there is special ethnic foods from around the world. How about lasagna day? Olive Oil day? And colors. How about a Salute to Red day, a Salute to Blue day, Green, Yellow, Purple?


How about a Classic Car day. Best Music Day for every year since 1632? How about Maya Day, Aztec Day, Inca Day? Why hasn't TCM shown SECRET OF THE INCAS (1954)?

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You folks will have to excuse Fred here.


He'd never gotten over TCM's failure to have his favorite big band leader, Tommy Dorsey, given SOTM status, and is just tryin' to hide his pain with all that "Mexican movie" talk.


(...well, it's either THAT or he's still of the mind that my father had that Sunday night John, Paul, George and Ringo first hit the Sullivan stage: "Eeh, you'll never hear of these guys again after a year or two!"...AND coincidentally, I THINK Fred IS just about my father's AGE...well, if my father hadn't "passed"..err..DIED about ten years ago at age 84, anyway!!!)




(...oh, and btw folks, once again, it's posts like THIS which is probably, no make that DEFINITELY why Fred has me on his Ignore function!)




Edited by: Dargo2 on Feb 5, 2014 4:43 PM

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First, you can be profoundly annoying. As on this thread.

Second, If you're so concerned about Mexican history or Mexican films or films dubbed in Ticinese, why don't you start a thread about any of those topics?


You know perfectly well you're just being perverse and silly, and for no particular reason other than just plain crankiness.

It is ridiculous to compare the Beatles and their music to all those other subjects you mention. The Beatles have had a profound influence on music and culture the world over - probably even on those who speak Ticinese.

As several posters have pointed out here, TCM has aired all kinds of movies featuring pop and rock music icons, including seemingly endless beach/surf movies and Elvis films. I didn't see you campaigning in this silly passive-aggressive way against them.


If you don't like the Beatles (you and finance, apparently -who'd a thunk you two would have something in common?), why don't you just refrain from participating on this thread? Let it be. (sorry, folks, couldn't resist.)

There are many threads on these forums about topics for which I have no interest whatsoever. How do I deal with that? I don't post on them, and respect the fact that others are interested in subjects I am not.


Simple, isn't it?

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Glad to see my thought has inspired such response.

To *Hercules* I must say that adding HDN to the Festival is a very good thing. Perhaps the restoration was the reason for the scarcity of airings of the film. I don't know how long film restoration takes, in general. What studio released the film? I'd still like to know what entity owns the rights.


TCM should do a day of 50's/60's films from Great Britain like the early films of Courtenay, Finney, Bates, Harris etc and include HDN. I seem to recall a month a few years ago where these films were featured.


*Fred,* while I do agree with Miss Wonderly that it is a subject for another thread, I also agree with your idea. Mexico's film industry was very big and very influential in Latin American countries. That's all I'll say about that on this thread.


*Miss Wonderly*, ITA re All You Need is Cash. Very funny and the music is eerily Beatlesque. Cheese and Onions, baby.

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MissW, why doncha look at it THIS way here....


AT LEAST Fred picked some OTHER "alternative" more to liking(Mexican movies) in this thread than his standard, "I got'a have me more Jean Harlow and babes of the 1930s movies, than all these here inferior post-1960 movies you're showin' lately!" line...RIGHT?!


(...there's always a silver-lining out there, ya see!!!) ;)



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While The Beatles are my favorite rock band, I can understand why TCM wouldn't have any tribute for them just because it has been 50 years since they came to the USA fo their first tour.


They are NOT actors and they only made a very limited number of movies (Hard Days and Help being the only studio made type movies).


I would love to see these movies (it has been a while), on TCM but even if there are NOT access rights issues, I would still understand why TCM would ignore the media hype we are seeing now.


I do disagree that people that disagree with the majority of others on a thread should just stay away. What we don't need here is only bandwagon people! People should be able to accept opinions that disagree with theirs. They shouldn't try to control what others post.


Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Feb 5, 2014 8:25 PM

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It isn't a matter of having some lavish tribute to the Beatles. It's just about showing a seldom seen film at a time that just happens to correspond with their visit to America. That's all.

No all star commentary on their influence, no concert footage and no back to back showings of HDN and Help. Just show their movie during this time just like they would show films of a recently departed Classic actor.

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Well I wished TCM showed A Hard Days Night once a year just because I really love the movie but if TCM was to show the film this week it wouldn't be "at a time that just happens to correspond with their visit to America". It would be BECAUSE of their visit to America and all the hype around this that we are seeing now.


Anyhow if TCM can't get the rights the entire point is moot. I did my tribute by playing Beatles songs (with a little help from my friends) for other 4 hours. Really. I have bisters on my fingers!!.

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It comes down to the rights holder. Up until now, the rights holder has either not been willing to lease the film for broadcast airings or the price asked for is beyond TCM's programming budget.


However, with the film coming to the TCM Film Festival in a few months, perhaps, this means that progress is being made to resolve that situation.


TCM has aired rock concerts before like *The Last Waltz* and other 1960s musicals, so there is not really a reason beyond the rights as to why they haven't been able to broadcast either *A Hard Day's Night", *Help!* or any of their other films.

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jamesjazzguitar wrote:

>I do disagree that people that disagree with the majority of others on a thread should just stay away. What we don't need here is only bandwagon people! People should be able to accept opinions that disagree with theirs. They shouldn't try to control what others post.


What? Come on, james. I've said many times - and I think I practise what I preach - that I have no problem with people disagreeing with me, that it would be boring if people just validated one another's opinions all the time. ( I do think it helps if posters explain why they like or dislike something, but that's just about being articulate.)


Now you're being almost as annoying as Fred. I never said Fred had no right to disagree with me or anyone else on this thread.

But he's neither agreeing nor disagreeing. In fact, he has expressed very little at all on the subject of the Beatles, their music and their movies.

He has not stated that he likes or dislikes them, nor has he given a very rational reason why their films should not be aired on TCM. He's simply thrown a lot of irrelevant ideas into the mix here, and has treated the thread topic as though it has no validity on the TCM message boards.


And I'm hardly "trying to control" what he or anyone else posts here. I'm merely objecting to his red herring approach on the thread.

If he genuinely believes there should be more Mexican movies celebrated on TCM - a perfectly legitimate suggestion - then he should initiate a whole new thread on the subject and stop trying to derail this one.

And I do think that if someone has no interest in a thread, there's little point in their posting on it. I just suggested Fred "stay away" from this thread because it seemed to me that he had nothing useful to say about Beatles movies and whether they should be shown on TCM, he was just being distracting and annoying.


There's a difference between commenting on a thread and disagreeing with what's being said on it, and simply jumping in to disrupt it. I often post on threads where I disagree with the original post, or with something else that's been said on it.

That's not at all the same as sticking one's oar in on a thread where one has no interest in the original topic. I have little interest in Vic Morrow, for instance (not that I've anything against him, either ), but I didn't barge in on the thread about him just to say silly things like "Hey let's have a special TCM day dedicated to birds, it's just as pertinent a topic to old movies as Vic Morrow is."


So please don't instruct me on TCM website etiquette.

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Wait, "someone" doesn't hear Dylan played on the RADIO anymore???


It seems "someone" must primarily be listening to anything BUT a Classic Rock station!


(...I tell ya, "some" of the examples "someone" around here uses to make his points sure make ME scratch my head a lot!)

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Difficult choice...which Beatle to be. Id have to be one of the creative ones, so no Ringo. It comes down to partners, and Patti Boyd was infinitely sexier than any other spouses, at least during the tims the group was.an entity. So its George by default.

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