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Do you know the name of this movie?


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Story line: Wallets are dropped throughout town with money in them. People who try to return the wallet are given a chance. (This was to prove that people are honest.) If they can make a successful business then they will get a rich man's estate. If not, then it goes to the unliked relatives. There were various schemes, I remember three: a hole in one at a beach sideshow. If you got a hole-in-one you won some incredible monetary prize. The relatives brought in a pro golfer who tried and tried but couldn't do it, the some drunk whacks the ball and gets one. Another was a singing dancers on boats music show, but the relatives sabotaged the boats and they sank on opening night. The successful scheme was a man opening a nightclub. He renovated an old building and the relatives came to opening night. Their plan was to show him he wasn't allowed to open a nightclub in the old building, it was against the lease. He hits a button and the whole nightclub except for the table with the realtives slides into the next building.This was a comedy/musical in B&W.


Anyone remember this movie?

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