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Here is a master list of used-book sellers that I've used for years. These book sellers have a lot of old used movie books for sale, and many at very low prices.




Just type in the title of the book, or its author, or even a keyword, and then click on *Read*, and then click on ABE or any of the other book sellers.




I find ABE's books to be the best and easiest to deal with and very reliable.


This system will do a search for you. Or you can go direct to the ABE's search engine.



I have found some of the most obscure books in the world, including a book containing Christian Doppler's major papers, written in the German language and published in the 1840s and 50s. These are very hard to find today.

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I was a used book dealer myself for 23 years, and with that in mind I may want to add a point or two.


I still buy about a book a week from either Amazon or abebooks, and while both are terrific sources, they each have their limitations.


Amazon usually can't be beat for price. But with Amazon you're often in the dark about the condition of a book, and beware if that matters to you. Non-professional sellers often neglect to mention things like "no dust jacket", or "former library book", or "underlining in the text", and as a result I only buy an Amazon book from any category below "As new" if the dealer confirms that the book (a) has its jacket, (B) isn't ex-library, and © has no writing inside.


That may not matter to some people, but if it does, I'd be sure to ask questions and avoid having to return the book once you've received it.


And if you want first printings (which is really what collectors are after), you'd better be prepared to ask questions not just on Amazon, but also on abebooks, since many an abebook that comes up on a "first edition" search doesn't bother to mention that it's a later printing. "First printing" always means "first edition", but not the other way around. Big difference to a collector.


The saving grace to both of these sites is that they're both extremely customer-friendly about returns in the case of incomplete descriptions. In fact with Amazon, I've had several cases of wanting to return an underlined book, only to be told to keep it and be given a full refund. It's not as good as getting what you want, but at least you're no worse off than you were to begin with.

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