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Best kiss on 31 days of Oscar


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I second the Olivia/Errol kiss in 'Robin Hood.' That scene is great. Especially after hearing the gossip that one day Olivia wanted to tease Errol and I believe ended up slipping him some tongue and also purposely messed up her lines so that the scene would have to be reshot. Errol, I believe, became visibly and physically uncomfortable (haha).


I also love the classic "From Here to Eternity" kiss between Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr. It's clich? I know; but it's a very romantic and sexy scene. I also know that if I were to try to replicate that scene with Mr. Speedracer, it would not be nearly as sexy as it is in this film. Sand in uncomfortable places, potential for jelly fish or seaweed or other life from the sea to land on top of you, the risk that a large wave will sweep you out into sea and the fact that the water will probably be cold (although, I've never been to Hawaii. Maybe the water is warm there. I'm used to the freezing Oregon ocean water!).

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Hmn. I'll have to give this some thought. I haven't really been paying that much attention but a lot of kisses I've been watching in TCM movies this month haven't been great. Kissing onscreen can end up just looking like people mashing their faces together. I think a small amount of distance actually helps a kiss look better.


I will give a shoutout to Lauren Bacall's ear biting in Designing Woman which was one of my favorite parts in an otherwise not so great movie.

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Well, I've heard that Liz was in love with Monty Clift. And that he once had an affair with Libby Holman.


And I don't know if this was on 31 Days, but for me the most memorable screen kiss was between Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman in *Spellbound.* A door opens, and beyond that another, and an infinite series of doors opening. That's something that could be done only in a motion picture.

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