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Off topic : what is the difference between DVD-r and DVD+r ?


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I've searched the internet for a long time trying to figure out what is the difference between the two formats. I don't get a simple clear answer. People I know don't even know what I'm talking about when I ask them.


I'm buying a DVD Recorder for my upcoming birthday. I want to know which format to buy.


For years, I'll I've ever used was VHS. That's all I know. I've tried DVD recording in the past with my older recorder. I've used both formats(+r/-r). Well anyway, the recorder broke a few years ago. I've decided to give DVD a try again. I found out later on all of the DVDs I recorded can't play on any of the DVD drives in the house because I never finalized any of them. And I can't do that with a different machine.


So , since then, I've only used what I've used for years. VHS.


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>I found out later on all of the DVDs I recorded can't play on any of the DVD drives in the house because I never finalized any of them. And I can't do that with a different machine.


Oy I found that out the hard way too. Nothing I recorded on my Toshiba will play on my BluRay player.

Luckily, I still have the recorder, I just don't use it to "play" through, so I can still finalize old recordings.


Toshiba seems like the only company still making reasonably priced recorders. Wonder if you buy the same brand as you had originally recorded on, you could finalize your older recorded DVDs?

I'd certainly give it a shot.

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I always never leave more than 1 DVD-RW unfinalized. Right now my last recording is "Star Trek Into Darkness". When I record another movie, then I will finalize. Try to get 2, 2 hour movies on 1 disc.


I have a Panasonic DVD recorder and a JVC DVD/VCR combo recorder. Unfinalized disc do not play on opposite machines

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We found that DVDs recorded on the Sony and not finalized will play and can be finalized on the Magnavox but DVDs recorded on the Magnavox and not finalized will not play and can not be finalized on the Sony.


The Sony is a nice unit and produces high quality discs. We are scrapping it because there are so very many troubles with false copyright recognition and the spindle pad and lens must be cleaned far more often than the Magnavoxes.

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It was explained to me that it used to matter whether one used DVD+ or DVD- but most new machines can use either. I've used both and didn't notice a difference in quality.


For a while I did keep a stockpile of unfinalized discs that still had a little time left on them to use for recording shorts but after being warned about that I now try to only have a couple unfinalized, just in case something does happen to the unit.


All in all, I'm glad I made the switch to DVD from VHS, for cost, quality, and storage space. However there are a few drawbacks, the chief one being that, on my machine, it takes a little time for a disc to load when it's put in or the unit is turned on. It also takes time for a recording to finish. So you can't just slip a disc in & start recording right away or make an immediate switch between discs because there's a delay.


Another frustration is that while my finalized discs do read on other brand players or computers, those machines don't recognize the chapter marks I make, only the preset ones.


ETA: I do still have VHS tapes & VCRs though. My DVD recorder has a built-in VCR so I can transfer them over.


ETAA: I've recently gotten some DVD-RWs but haven't tried them yet.

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My two cents --


My Panasonic recorder prefers -Rs.


My Sony recorder prefers +Rs. Separately, my Sony cannot record certain cable channels, including the Turner Network channels. Its advantage is that it has an SLP setting that is close to SP quality (and markedly better than LP) and gives you 2 hr. 25 min. recording time.


My Toshiba, which I bought when the Panasonic was in for repair, works just fine with either -R or +R.


Those are the only brands I can vouch for. When I write "prefer," it means I've had problems with discs suddenly being unable to be read or finalized when using the other format disc. My Panasonic can record/finalize on R as long as it's only an occasional disc and not, say, trying to record nothing but R for 10, 15 or more discs in a row.


Definitely do not leave discs unfinalized too long. I had a huge pile of unfinalized discs when the Panasonic had to be fixed and was relieved when it came back in good working order.


Good luck!

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