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OT Rediculous Carpeting.


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I just heard on Fox 5 news the red carpet used at the Academy Awards can cost between $50,000 to $100,000 and only used once than tossed away to be recycled. Why not DONATE sections to low income families who can't afford proper floor covering?


People wonder why other countries has a low opinion of our society.



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Is there a good reason not to re-use the carpeting, at least for a few years? That would make more sense to me than fabricating a new carpet every year. Since the Awards have been held at the same venue for over a decade, they'll know it fits and it might even seem historic to some. They'd have to clean and store it but how does that compare to the expense of buying a new carpet year-after-year?


It does seem rather obliviously self-important, like a President or Governor needing half-a-dozen pens to sign something. But, of course, I don't understand the nuances of red carpets or political mementos.

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Both the Academy Awards red carpet as well as the Grammy's red carpet are made from recycled water bottles.


The Red Carpet is not a short piece of carpet but a long 600 ft. walkway that begins at the limo drop off area at the corner of Hollywood and Highland, goes past the bleachers of fans and into the Hollywood and Highland complex, up the big staircase to the Dolby Theater.


It gets walked on not only by the stars attending- their handlers, the press including between 75-100 photographers and almost 400 tv press personnel, the nominees, guest and those who have tickets to sit in the upper echelons of the balcony as well as the various broadcast hosts from a variety of networks that cover the Oscars pre-show event.


The Dolby theater seats 3,300 people and the Oscars play to a full house.


The carpet goes down on Friday and comes up Monday morning. Until Sunday, it is usually sheathed in plastic to avoid damage but work crews prepping for the arrivals walk all over the plastic sheathed carpet. In addition to being 600 feet long, the carpet is 33 feet wide, so it is no small piece of carpeting.


Depending on the weather, the Oscars are not guaranteed a sunny day and in previous years, everyone on the red carpet has had to deal with rain. This year may be no different as a cold storm is expected in the City of Angels over the weekend.


Also, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences does not own the red carpet. They, like other Awards organizations, rent the carpet each year.


From a financial stand point, that makes sense considering they only need that red carpet once a year. They don't have to store it, (imagine the space needed and that space could be used to store artifacts in the Academy's collection), they don't have to have people on staff to deal with it. They call the Red Carpet rental company they do business with, tell them what they want and pay the bill for the work done.


Here's some images to give an idea of the size:









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Thank you for the explanation. I don't watch red carpet coverage so while I figured the carpet was large, I didn't realize it was that big.


But why do they use a carpet outside? Is it to protect & show off the gowns, especially those with trains? Or is it simply a glamorous Hollywood tradition?


Obviously I'm award show-illiterate :) .

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The red carpet is purely tradition and adds some glamour to an event. "Walking down the red carpet" sounds much more glamorous than "walking down the sidewalk on Hollywood Boulevard." Although, isn't it supposed to be raining this week in Los Angeles? Figuring that the rain won't not hit Hollywood just because the Oscars are in town, I am curious if there will still be extensive red carpet coverage. Probably, because the red carpet preshow is also tradition. I'm sure the celebrities would love not having to chat with Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana Rancic from E!


At the Golden Globes this year, a pipe burst and flooded the red carpet. I imagine that they had to replace it. I wonder if each venue or each award organization has their own red carpet? Maybe there's a communal red carpet that everyone shares?

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>But why do they use a carpet outside? Is it to protect & show off the gowns, especially those with trains? Or is it simply a glamorous Hollywood tradition?




While it is a glamorous tradition, it is one that has only been around since about 1961.


But it does add glamour and helps make the event special. At least that was the idea before it became identified with "who are you are wearing".


And, yes, they use it outdoors to help protect the gowns and keep them from the elements and the less than pristine walkway from the limo drop off to the interior of the Hollywood and Highland entry.

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>They call the Red Carpet rental company they do business with, tell them what they want and pay the bill for the work done.


Very interesting post lz.

This just reinforces my theory that US manufacturing has been replaced by the "specialty niche" business.


When you watch older movies, like say MIRACLE ON 34th ST, you'll see Macy's is a self contained business with it's own payroll, HR dept, nurse on staff, etc.

Nowadays, everything is subcontracted out to companies who "specialize" in just one specific thing.

What a disconnect.

Work I've done in Syracuse NY is paid by check from a payroll company 60 miles away and processed by a firm in Idaho.


Many of your local Public Works Dept have done away with maintaining their own trucks and hire out for waste pick up, another for asphalt repair and another for tree maintenance. No more well rounded employees that "do-it-all".


Amazing- the "Red Carpet Rental Company".

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